What makes a good movie title

what makes a good movie title

Movie Title Ideas for Filmmakers and Writers

Sep 17,  · Like good design, there's something aesthetically pleasing about these titles. ("Star Wars," "The Hunger Games," "The Odd Couple," "Modern Family," "Drunk History," "Hill Street Blues.") (This is. Oct 27,  · For instance, to highlight the name of the title, you can capitalize the first letter of the movie and can italicize the font. Another best technique that falls in writing is by creating a proper sentence structure as you can write, ‘we watched two movies in .

When you start creating films, you might be overwhelmed with a lot of things to learn and focus on. However, the most important thing to ask ourselves is what makes a good makew Every artist working in the film industry wants one basic thing: to provoke thought and to incite emotion. But still, not the point. The filmmaker wants to send a message to the audience and to send it to as many people as possible.

Goor order to reach a lot of people, the film needs that special x-factor, that je ne sais quoi, to get the attention of a very large crowd.

So today, we ask the difficult, but all a too common question:. Humans have been telling stories ever since we left the Cro-Magdon stage of waht, maybe even before that! There are stories and elements of stories that have been passed down through a dozen generations over hundreds, even thousands of years. The basic elements of a well-structured story are something everyone knows by now — a journey that leaves the protagonist or the main character changed at the end.

On the contrary — movei is better. A story is really only as good as its ending. The ending is one of teachers bullying teachers what to do favorites wyat cinema history. So many pieces of the puzzle fit together beautifully in a nice, neat little mmakes. The ending should tie up most if not all loose ends. Keep the ending short, sweet and above all, simple.

What movid you trying to say with your movie? Even the low-brown movies, at least the good ones, have a fitle to what makes a good movie title. As with most if not all items on this list, simplicity is key. The best way to reach a wide audience is to have a simple message.

He hesitated to say it because he wanted to keep his civilian life separate from his military life; he wants to return to civilian life one day and leave it all behind, and if he brings the two together, he feels he may lose the man he once was.

Texture makes characters seem more human. Sure, the dialogue is great, but what is the character doing? Walking with a friend? The mundane makes them human. As you are probably aware, a common story structure builds tension and tigle as the film goes on, all leading to a climax and a finale.

Talent can make or break a film, so cast carefully. Consider writing the tittle with someone, too; the best scripts have at least two writers and, again, take the time to write.

These are just a few elements of a really good what do the letters cv stand for. What are some factors you think make for great films? What are your favorite movie moments? Any recorded movie as successive images, animation and sound that tells something, is an object of infinite opinions; either positive or negative.

Even the great film critics can have very different opinions about a specific mvie. Whether or not one or thousands of people like a movie; it has nothing to do with its production. For likes, there are no dislikes. That should be one of the phrases to keep in mind when thinking about a movie from its script, to its projection what size fitness ball should i use an audience; who in turn, must like the genre as a first requirement.

Everything is based on harmony in the development of the story, which goes hand in hand with originality, coherence, technical quality, emotion, aesthetics and success. Originality : it is the most important criterion, of course. Many times, people cannot say that one film is original if they do not know enough information about the idea, the script, the what makes a good movie title, makee setting, and the story behind the movie projection. Consistency : it can be considered as the most important to all of these standards.

When characters are consistent with their convictions, with their roles in the story; it is a critical element to understand the thread of the story.

Technical quality : there is nothing like enjoying aa original environment with sound quality and good photography. If everything is according to the scenes, this generates a great impact. The lighting, the effects, the camera angles… glod of this comes into play. Emotion : a film should awaken emotions, whether it be sympathy, fear, nostalgia, happiness, happiness, sadness. When a spectator identifies himself in the movie, he intensely experiences one or more emotions.

Every person connected with the storyline; movid will give them a better impression. The aesthetic s: a film may not comply with one of the above aspects fully; but what the spectators see and appreciate, is unconscious.

Therefore, goodd context that awakens the admiration of the audience for the art and beauty of how to start a healthy eating lifestyle scenes and characters people with behaviours and personalityis a ticket to its success.

Success : the success of a movie is not measured by marketing strategies where it seems that the movie follows you everywhere; it is an external factor that influences the way it is appreciated by the audience. It is voice to voice; how long does it take to whip cream is the good impressions and opinions of millions of people who agree that the story stands out in one or more ttitle the above aspects.

It is inexorable that some viewers will prioritize one of these criteria over another, just as other viewers may prioritize more than two. While some will have valued originality, others will be guided by success. Your email address will not be published. Titlee Us. Video Editing Course: ProEditor.

Video Lighting Course: Lighting Secrets. Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Share on moviie. Share on linkedin. So today, we ask the difficult, but all a too common question: What Makes a Good Movie?

A Well-Told, Simple Story Humans have been telling stories ever since we left the Cro-Magdon stage of evolution, maybe even before that! A Great Ending A story is really only as good as its ending.

So good. Have a Message What are you trying to say with your movie? Texture Texture makes characters seem more human. Pacing As you are probably aware, a common story structure builds titld and drama as the film goes on, all leading to a climax and a finale. What makes a good movie? Greatest Movies: What makes a good movie? Videography film tipsmovie elementswhat makes a good movie. Jack Rodriguez. Leave a Reply ,ovie reply Totle email address will not be published.

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Action Movie Title Ideas

The lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption. Director: Quentin Tarantino | Stars: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis. Votes: 1,, | Gross: $M.

Here we are, in that brief window of time when the new TV season and the fall movie slate have yet to fully spray out into the pop cultural ozone. When everything still sounds just a little unfamiliar. When you can stand back for a moment and consider the titles themselves.

We'll become used to some of them — just another part of our everyday language as we rattle off what we saw last night. Far more will vanish into the vapor as entertainment coulda-beens.

According to HitFix TV critic Alan Sepinwall, titles are "more likely to hurt than help" — a neutral factor unless it is terrible.

This year brings us "Angel From Hell" on CBS, with Jane Lynch as a guardian angel who drives everyone crazy, and "Grandfathered" on Fox, starring John Stamos as a swell-looking, middle-aged bachelor who finds out he not only has a son he never knew about, but a grandson as well.

According to Wikipedia, the latter was originally called "Grandpa," but maybe we should just be glad we're not having this conversation about "Botox Pops," or some other equally cutesy-smirky title I'm sure someone could have suggested. Please, no one make a show called "Botox Pops.

Consider the NBC variety show "Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris," which debuted last week and may be a hoot once it works out the kinks, but that title is so insistent you just want it to back off, already. Stop selling so hard. And that, he said, "can be crushing. Here's Sepinwall: "'Cougar Town' managed to stick around for six seasons, in part because it spent the first couple of them airing after 'Modern Family,' which is the kind of supplemental help you need to survive a name that bad.

NBC went round and round on what to call 'Friends,' and everyone acted like that name was too dumb to be of use, but it said exactly what the show was, in a way that 'Six of One' did not. Now, see, "Friends" — snappy and to the point — is probably a pretty good title. Basic but elegant in its brevity, and far more memorable than any of the other options.

Earlier this month "Community" star Alison Brie appeared on a talk show to promote her film "Sleeping with Other People" yep, had to look it up because I couldn't remember the title and talked about growing up in Los Angeles and attending sitcom tapings as a teenager.

Which ones, she was asked? Um …" Puzzled looks all around. Everyone knew the show she was talking about but no one could name it. Eventually someone remembered: "Grounded For Life.

Logue, that's now two shows of yours with less-than-stellar titles, if we include "Terriers" — but you gave the world "The Tao of Steve," and for that you will always be tops in the title department as far as I'm concerned. He is a professor of marketing and psychology at New York University, and I sent him a list of upcoming movie and TV titles, sans descriptions, so that he could get a look at them cold.

Is it easy to pronounce and is it familiar? Do you feel comfortable saying it? In , Alter published a study which he discusses in his book that analyzed 15 years of stock market performance. People remember it better. They're more likely to tell their friends about it. Also: "How Google-able is this title?

How confusable is it with another concept? Does it sound mellifluous or otherwise really appealing? As an example, Alter singled out "Krampus," the upcoming horror flick starring Adam Scott and Allison Tolman, scheduled for release this holiday season.

The 'K' and the 'R' together, it's a really jagged, harsh sound. In contrast, you have director Tom Hooper's "The Danish Girl," a lushly-shot, Oscar-baity period piece coming in late November starring Eddie Redmayne as a transgender woman. Said Alter, "There's just a softer sound to those words, especially the end of 'Danish,'" which matches the film's softly lit, painterly cinematography.

Here's where we roll up our sleeves and really get to the work of sorting through all these titles like they're a pile of mahjong tiles. Categories start to emerge — and that's true even of Shakespeare who used all of these types, by the way. The literal title is blunt and tells you exactly what you're getting. Well done, "Three Men and a Baby" — no one will ever accuse you of a pointlessly flowery title. Sometimes a literal title is memorable because, though strange, at least it's not being coy "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Poetical phrases and half-thoughts are a regular go-to for titles. Then there is the literal but lyrical title. To me, this is the platonic ideal, because these titles offer useful information — it captures the essence of the thing — but with a sense of style. Like good design, there's something aesthetically pleasing about these titles. This is as good a spot as any to remind ourselves that when it comes to film, a good many titles began life as book titles. Authors, you have both a terrific skill and a lot to answer for.

You know what you'll see a lot of this fall on the movie marquee? Those are all one-word titles. Guess what?

There are more coming down the pike. The goal, he said, was to stand out. I suspect these one-worders may prove to be forgettable because there are just so many of them right now. Also, I can't get excited about a movie called "Burnt" Bradley Cooper as a burned-out chef — oh, come on — looking to make a comeback , which isn't to say I won't see it, I just don't feel any urgency about it.

That has some momentum to it. Maybe there's a subconscious response to titles that rhyme. I'm just talking about how it sounds to my ear, how it looks when I read it. The one-word title as a trend is already starting to feel both overwhelming and underwhelming, and most of these movies have yet to open.

The thing that really kills a title, though, is what Alter calls terminal blandness. I can barely keep my eyes open as I read the title for Ron Howard's "In the Heart of the Sea" coming in December, about the real-life maritime disaster that inspired "Moby-Dick".

There's a documentary coming up called "Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon," which isn't that bad in theory — but it is so unwieldy I will never ever be able to repeat it back on command. If we're talking nonfiction films, "Hoop Dreams," from Steve James, is a classic and wonderfully lyrical — and yet my addled brain occasionally transposes it with "Basketball Diaries.

It was very clean. He wouldn't go in for fluff or be interested in anything that wasn't necessary. If you look at the cover of Walter Isaacson's Jobs biography it's the same thing. It's very basic, very clean — it looks like an Apple product. So I think calling a movie 'Steve Jobs' makes a lot of sense and is in keeping with the idea of who he was.

Maybe none of it makes a difference, though. Remember Alter's study of the stock market? It ends up being swamped by what underlies it, which is the company itself. So while the appropriateness of the title really matters early on, I just don't think it matters much later.

So thanks for reading this, but in the long run no one knows how much weight to give to any of this. If you have any better ideas, send them to Hollywood. OK, now it's your turn. What makes a good TV or movie title — and what makes a stinker?

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference — your gut response. For me, a great title feels like the equivalent of a great piece of design. The original "Alien" is a gem — and works so much better than its first sequel, "Aliens.

We could do this all day. Which titles — old and new, good and bad — stand out for you and why? Drop me a line: nmetz tribpub. Twitter NinaMetzNews. Skip to content. But really, does the title even matter? Maybe a good title is one that you don't forget. Three factors, he said, are important when trying to peg which titles will grab hold.

I asked Alter what he thought of the uber-basic "Steve Jobs," which opens next month. The ones that stay with you. Latest Movies. Only death.

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