What is the best star trek movie

what is the best star trek movie

Star Trek Movies (Best to Worst).

Jul 20, Every Star Trek Movie Ranked from Worst to Best. Star Trek V - The Final Frontier () 21%. After churning out three consecutive installments that pleased fans as well as critics, the Star Trek Star Trek - Nemesis () 39%. Star Trek: The . 1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan () PG | min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 7. 2. Star Trek ().

Roughly 32 years ago, the William Nest fifth installment of the movie franchise staked its claim as ths worst Star Trek film, and of the wht films that followed, only Nemesis has even come close to bets for the distinction. The Millars and Snyders of the world have made a career off it.

But outside of Elseworlds and mirror universes, such efforts are usually misguided, missing the point of the source material. Ah, clonesthe sci-fi equivalent of stag twin sibling. Yet, since actors are whst immortal and even decades later CGI still has some miles to go trdk the uncanny valley, Generations is recognized as necessary, if nothing else. Still, the film mostly wastes Malcolm McDowell as a villain, and the screen time shared by Patrick Stewart and William Shatner mostly serves to just highlight whhat divide between the classically trained Brit and Shatner.

Viewed decades later and in the context of all the special-effects-reliant properties that followed, this initial salvo of the Star Trek cinematic trdk is ponderous in pace and hit-and-miss in spectacle, sure, but it also captures a moment in which the potential of technology to revolutionize the way sci-fi stories could be told and shown was revealing itself, and a how to update an iphone 4 that while thousands and thousands of viewers were falling in love with Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie, there was another community out there similarly invested in the world Gene Roddenberry had built.

Even as, for fans especially, it was an amazing moment to see the return of Kirk, Spock and the crew of the EnterpriseStar Trek: The Motion Picture falls short of capturing the thrill of their adventures. Any time a beloved TV property gets a big screen treatmentespecially if that treatment comes with aims of creating a qhat franchisethere are plenty of discussions and angst on all sides of the equation on how best to capture the existing magic while navigating the constraints and harnessing the potential of the original.

But even while the particulars vary depending on the source material, these days there are plenty of settled questions, practical processes and pieces of conventional wisdom to apply. Do the sometimes cheesy effects and high melo drama in the film ring as a positive because they staar the original series? Or is that a failure, a squandering of cinematic treek Too often, director J. Abrams relies on awkward dialogue that how to remove static from dress as director subtitles for character arcs and plot developments.

For all the photon torpedoes, warp drives and matter transmitters, that optimism regarding human nature may be the most fantastical element of all. Much as with Nimoy in the earlier films, the direction of Jonathan Frakes feels, overall, like a pluswhat is it with Number 1s directing? Sometimes real-life events inform the zeitgeist in a way that resonates with make-believe, and the fall of the Berlin wall and collapse of the Soviet Union provided the writers of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country a tsar of plot points and character notes that seem tailor-made for an aging cast and a politically static setting.

Balancing intrigue, action, humor and plenty of quality time with the Big Three of TOS, The Undiscovered Country may be the most under-appreciated entry in the franchise.

Buoyed by deft castingfor proof, look no further than how well-accepted it was by a fandom that would have savaged thw misstepsthe redirected timeline allowed for scenarios that were familiar yet new, and for character dynamics that were recognizable yet ultimately unconstrained beyond the most basic character traits. Kirk is passionate and action-oriented; Spock, logical, etc. Less compelling are the how do i turn off system restore in windows xp stakes director Justin Lin and screenwriters Simon Pegg and Doug Jung provide for the crew of the starship Enterprise.

Beyond plays for lower than usual stakes and works best in pleasant, little moments. While the first film from this iteration of space explorersthe crossover Generations got a little mired in the novelty of having two Enterprise crews together, First Contact lets Patrick Stewart and company tackle their most iconic villain on their own. It also conveys a hope for humanity in the wake of world war that would have made Gene Roddenberry proud.

Share Tweet Submit Pin. Here is our ranking of every Star Trek movie: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Roughly 32 years ago, the William Shatner-directed fifth installment of the movie franchise staked its claim as the worst Syar Trek film, and of the eight films that followed, only Nemesis has even come close to vying for the distinction.

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12.) Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Feb 22, Every Star Trek Movie Ranked (From Worst To Best) Star Trek: Nemesis () Directed by Stuart Baird, Star Trek: Nemesis was the fourth and final film starring the cast of Star Trek: The Next Star Trek V: The Final Frontier () Star Trek: The Motion Picture () Author: John Orquiola. Apr 13, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Sometimes it doesnt matter if a film is, technically, a near-miss. Viewed decades later and in the context of all the special-effects-reliant properties that.

Star Trek has had an unusual road to its fandom. These two formats can be incredibly different, both in terms of tenor and tone, despite taking place in the same universe with the same casts. It is, to quote Mr. Some make the case that this is a story that deserves to be told on a cinematic canvas, while others argue that Trek is best served as an episodic series. Some pay great homage to the feeling of the original series, while others feel like they should have aired on television.

Star Trek is about science fiction, and J. Rather than boldly build a new world, Into Darkness steals from the old one, and does so poorly. Someone give William Shatner a participation trophy. Unfortunately, Star Trek V is constantly silly and nonsensical rather than fun and upbeat. It starts out from a promising position, but quickly falls into lethargy, and missing the point of what makes a Trek movie with The Original Series cast work so well.

When it comes to movies with the TOS cast, the best thing to do is keep the focus on the cast. Unfortunately, Final Frontier shortchanges the original cast on two fronts. First, it invests far too much in its villain Sybok Laurence Luckinbill. Instead, it feels like a cheap shortcut that in turn deprives supporting characters like Uhura Nichelle Nichols , Sulu George Takei , and Chekov Walter Koenig of character arcs and motivations. Rather than be audacious and tie into what was happing in the TV series which, granted, is a big ask for any movie , the TNG films were largely content to tell standalone stories that only briefly acknowledge the larger Trek universe.

Insurrection had the opportunity to take on an interesting question: what happens when the Federation is wrong? Again, it starts out from an interesting placenature versus nurture, and who would Picard be if his life had been one of torment rather than one in Starfleet? Had they pushed Shinzon in that direction, it would have made him a more tragic figure rather than the moustache-twirling villain who wants to destroy Starfleet with a super-weapon.

Nemesis also suffers from the same problem as all of the TNG films in that in cannot get enough Data. For some reason, even though you have a rich, diverse case with Next Generation , the movies treat Picard and Data as the main characters and ignore everyone else.

This kind of thinking is how you get to disgusting things like Shinzon mind-raping Troi Marina Sirtis just because, and then doing nothing with that assault other than using it later for a plot device to let her empathically guide the photon torpedoes. The movie also wants to get away with killing Data, but not having any of the emotional impact of actually killing Data. This film seems to exist so it can pass a torch that never needed passing. Additionally, the Next Generation cast was already well-established and had a full series under their belt.

The producers should have trusted them to carry their own story. Instead, the movie tries to play to two audiences and ends up serving neither. But Generations bungles it completely with how tonally scattershot it is and the atrocious structure of the narrative. And then Kirk gets killed by a bridge. I both kind of love and kind of dislike Star Trek Beyond.

On the one hand, I knew I had a fun time while I was watching it. The strongest asset of the new Trek movies has been the casting, and that really gets to shine here. Unfortunately, the film fails to leave much of an impact because it never makes any bold choices. You can feel that this is a movie caught in a post Star Wars world where as the first two rebooted Trek movies could simply be Star Wars substitute, Beyond is wrestling with what it means to try and get out from under the shadow of the mammoth sci-fi franchise.

The problem with Trek is that its story falls apart if you so much as glance at it the wrong way. For starters, like Into Darkness , it could not care less about what makes Star Trek special. Oh well. Star Trek: First Contact is an odd sort of movie.

This is where on this list that Star Trek actually starts to feel like Star Trek. One of the great things The Original Series did was to tell narratives that reflected real-world tensions.

Out of all of the Star Trek movies, The Undiscovered Country is the only one to mirror real world events. In this case, the script cleverly draws a parallel to the closing of the Cold War with the coming peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingons because the Klingon Empire is about to go bankrupt.

It also makes The Undiscovered Country a personal journey for Kirk, where he has to learn the importance of not only forgiveness, but also accepting a new status quo where the Klingons and the Federation can live in peace. Undiscovered Country also gives almost everyone something to do. Kirk William Shatner and Bones DeForest Kelley are on trial on Kronos and are part of a prison break while everyone else minus Sulu, who gets the short shrift in this picture despite finally becoming a captain is busy playing detective up on the Enterprise.

This is a movie that does nothing wrong, perfectly builds on what came before, and is a true test of the friendship among the Enterprise crew. It turns them into a crew on the run, and they in turn sacrifice everything to save their fallen crewman. It also feels like Star Trek without feeling like an extended Star Trek episode. While other great Star Trek movies would echo what the series did at its bestwhether it be traveling to unique locations, creating parables to real-world conflicts, or recreating the feel of a naval battles Search for Spock is unique by building off Wrath of Khan , putting the crew of the Enterprise at odds with their duty to Starfleet, and plunging them into uncharted territory.

And, Kirk has to make the ultimate sacrifice when he loses his son at the hands of the Klingons. How anyone could see Search for Spock as inferior Trek is beyond me.

This movie is just pure joy from start to finish. Instead, they go back in time to save the whales. This could have been, on a smaller scale, an episode of The Original Series , but it carries that charm and successfully transfers it to the big screen.

Voyage Home almost plays more like a sci-fi comedy a dispiritingly rare hybrid and watching the crew of the Enterprise as fish-out-of-water is constantly entertaining. The Original Series gave us the crew as outsiders on a fairly regular basis, and The Voyage Home harkens back to that feeling while still giving the audience the comfort of being more familiar with the world the characters are seeing.

Additionally, it helps bring the crew together and creates the stakes that could get the crew reinstated after stealing and destroying the Enterprise.

Is it the obvious choice? Wrath of Khan puts Kirk through a crucible of his past follies and makes him pay for it. Matt Goldberg has been an editor with Collider since He resides in Atlanta with his wife and their dog Jack. So let us boldly go, and start with the weakest entry in the series thus far: Star Trek Into Darkness. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Matt Goldberg Articles Published. Read Next in movies.

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