What is the best simcity game

what is the best simcity game

What is the best "SimCity" game?

1. SimCity 2. SimCity In , four years after the release of the original SimCity, Maxis was at it again with another 3. SimCity Classic The original game that started the adventure couldn’t be missing from this list. It may not have the 4. Sim City 4: Rush Hour One of the most. Dec 19,  · The Best SimCity Games. SimCity Released: (Maxis) 2. SimCity SimCity 4. SimCity 4: Rush Hour. SimCity.

I agree with the OP. The others lie somewhere in between. GlassBox was for me a massive dissapoinment and anticlimax after all the hype.

I can only hope that Colossal Order might consider going into this genre more. I'll be honest, Soceities is my second-favorite. I enjoyed putting everything in place. I have more control. I like that. It is highly moddable with more what is the best simcity game mods in STEXultra low hardware requirements even the oldest PC can run SC4 at least in medium graphicsand region play, that no other city building games can beat Cities XL has bigger maps, but no region play, SC13 has, but the city tiles aren't contiguous.

No zoning, complicated social system while diminishing SC's city simulation part, too few road types, even worse than the first simcity. Download here. Simcity 4 is the best Simcity ever made, but my favorite is Simcity Maybe because it's the first Simcity I played and because I spend more time in than in 4. On the other hand, the new Simcity is one of the worst insults ever made.

Maybe even worst than Empire Earth 3! When somebody offers gamee do a favor, like making a mod for SimCity 4, wimcity shouldn't be overly critical of something generously given to you. In other words, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Each city and each custom content is like a child and must be treated as such. Welcome to Fairviewmy new city journal. But SC4 has to take honers when you factor bes all the 3rd party content available.

Gamf for being worse that Societies. Societies was dead on arrival. I think we all remember SC4 for what it is now, rather than what it was like at release. After all, lasting impressions do count. It's been a 10 year community effort that's completely revolutionised the game.

So without this, who knows? Maybe SC would thr have the crown. Personally, I've not played Societies.

But from what I heard, it was a backwards step in the series being more socially orientatedand doesn't build at all how to repair old basement walls the past games.

Unfortunately, SC13 has followed a similar trend. I actually liked societies thought it added other gxme more societal stuff though which Tje guess doesn't have much to do with city planning. Played Sim Bestt unlimited the most, I loved the 3 city sets, and all the different maps available at the time, and good traffic but freeway looked stupid I always wondered wtf was inside that freeway?

SimCity 4 I was upset by the original industrial bug, traffic disappearing, long term commercial skyscraper bug I could never get commercial high rises my tallest building was always that ks big white condo, oh ya and the dreaded grain terminals I used to try to avoid those things as much as possible but seemed they would keep coming back I had nightmares about those thing dam how long to probate will in texas terminals on every effin corner.

Didn't like how those bugs were so bad so that we gamr to mod, but I guess the modding was well done and I am glad so many of you are great programmers to do that stuff.

Societies was actually the first SimCity game I got. However, I simdity how you were gwme limited in many aspects fhe the game, and how when you got to bset reasonable population, the game started lagging a lot.

I came across SimCity 4 in and found the modding community about a year after. I loved the game before I even found mods, which says a lot about the playability of the game. Once I'd found mods, there was no going back, and the number of plugins available easily make it one of my favourite games of all time, let alone my favourite in the SimCity series. Site Rules Chat Rules. Visit Live Chat to get help with any SimCity ximcity NAM Team. I what will happen next in pavitra rishta 2013 even consider Societies a true SimCity game My favorite has to be SC However if we're including mods then SC4 blows it out of the water.

Sharing Plugins Folders? The single most important challenge our community faces. Support the movement? Have your say! Yeah does this poll consider mods or not? Because if it does then SimCity 4 is the best, however if we are just going by the vanilla game, then I would have to say SimCity is the best. The worst, well Nothing makes sense nor functions properly and logically. I didn't like SCS neither, but Ssimcity played more often with it. Those who were there know what I'm talking about.

For those that were not there The ability to print out id city on your fine dot-matrix printer was mind-blowing. The idea that you could simulate a city was and still is thinking way outside the box for what you would expect from a game. Nothing even scratched the surface of the greatness SC1 was until Sid Meier and his Civilization 1 came along about a year later. Sure Simcity 4 is great SC4 wasn't even the best game the year it came out.

It was the first video game I ever played, and even playing it what is the best simcity game on the Wii Virtual Console yay! It's whay. Yeah, gmae simple, what is the weather like in baltimore maryland today aren't any hills or custom content or even a terrain editor, and if you use thecheat code it's incredibly easy.

But, the music was cool, the scenarios were interesting with interesting secondary problems to solve, and there was still how to relieve constipation in 4 month old baby fair amount of challenge in the game if simicty really went gamee for it.

Plus, the manual was even cool! I want to enjoy playing a game, and let's face it, the SimCity games are games, and if I am forced to choose a favorite video game bsst all time, I would absolutely choose the SNES SimCity without hesitation.

I chose SC:S as the worst, but honestly, I cannot truthfully answer that question. I loved SC2Kand I found that the most challenging one to play. I spent a lot of nights at my friend's house playing that game. SC4 is awesome, with awesome custom content pushing it to limits I'm fairly certain no one imagined ten years ago at launch, but with 3 gigs of downloads in my plugins folder, it has a horrid loading time and a horrid crash-to-desktop simccity that clearing out at least two thirds of the whqt in there will probably help solve.

Until then, I must say that SC4 in its current state on my hard drive is the worst of the four that I've played. Heh, the original mud cliffs and horrifying blue water in SC4 were incredibly hard to look at, that's for sure. Those were the days. I remember playing tne original SimCity for hours at a time, and it certainly was a revolutionary game. I am still going to pick SC4 as the top, simply because region play finally gave us sim-nerds a chance to play outside the box.

No longer were we confined to a pre-defined square. Farmland, Mountains, suburban sprawl, you name it - SC4 made it possible. Up until SC4the goal was always to get whxt biggest best metropolis, and that was certainly fun, waht region play gave us a chance to think and play outside the box and create something entirely new. For me, SC4 has been the best City simulator ever!!!

I am still playing SC4 and the new content available keeps it fresh and alive. I stayed away from Societies. Guess I wasn't impressed with the concept. I have not gotten SimCity yet. That's just wack! Racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older. Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death. Click the links below to visit my:. Show me Your: Roadsigns!!! All the other PC games fall somewhere between them. Ocram's Razor: Though "more things shouldn't be used than are necessary," they're just too fun to pass up!

Expect many verbose arguments from me. I will try to write abstracts before or short summaries after from now on. Words to live by: "Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, and to another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit; to another faith by the same How to stop dog from play biting, and to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit But one simvity the same Spirit yame all these things, distributing to each one individually Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Standard Edition

Any SimCity game except the attrocity they named "SimCity" in is good. It is a matter of personal opinion, I think SimCity 4 is the best. Jul 05,  · SC4K is really a hardcore sim city, it is the 'best' from a fan perspective. Unless you like to build cities, the unoptimized game engine will drive you batty. And the game is seriously crippled without the community-made NAM (network add-on mod) which streamlines the game's network logic and allows for cities to grow larger. Dec 26,  · Best and Worst Sim City game POLL. Mr Saturn Simtrop Devotee. Member. 4, Posts. AkemiAzula. Mr Saturn Rufus Honker IV. Mr Saturn

Nowadays video games about designing and managing your own space station, prison, mine or even amusement park are a dime a dozen. Glued to our screens, mortal bodies left behind in favor of a hovering camera connected to our immortal mayor brain.

Hours upon hours poured into designing the perfect city, setting down roads and planning districts, enacting policies for the good of the people and preparing for the disasters on the horizon. And when we do, we want to have the best time possible. It was released in June but only ran for about a year until EA decided to shut it down to focus on other projects.

As you may expect from a Facebook game, it suffered from the classic maladies such as micro-transactions and a very simple game-play designed to entertain your half-dead gray matter while you were on the page. That said, for a Facebook game it was a relatively fun resource management game with a pretty art-style, at the very least worthy of mentioning in this list. It was developed by the Japanese branch of EA and published in by the same company, taking assets and game-play mechanics from older titles such as SimCity and modifying them to better fit the portable experience.

Overall they almost managed to create a pretty good and complex game. But it fell short of greatness thanks to a series of bad decisions. To start off with, the art-style they went with for anything not directly pulled from older games was horrible.

The game also starts running somewhat poorly and lags a lot once your city reaches a high development stage. In the end, SimCity DS is an ambitious game with a mediocre execution. But I do give it some points for having brought the franchise to portable devices. This engine replaced simulating general values and creating visuals to match them with simulating actual individual agents, citizens if you will, and then calculating the rest based on their actions.

This, along with a pile of bugs and the GlassBox engine being quite unpolished, made for a terrible launch. In fact, were it not for those launch issues, fans would probably be very split on the question of whether this is the best SimCity game to date. The graphics are beautiful, the simulation detailed and the musical score is a masterpiece. Too bad the damage was already long done. Such disrespectful behavior from publishers towards their customers just cannot be easily forgotten.

After such a failure, EA needed to make up for lost time and start making money. So they decided to capitalize on the next big thing: mobile gaming. This game quickly became one of the top grossing apps on Android and iOS thanks to its colorful and attractive visuals repurposed from the previous SimCity and its simplified yet engaging game-play, more reminiscent of… any other base management game on mobile systems than of SimCity.

Before the previous two entries was SimCity Societies, a game that tried to reinvent the franchise and launch it in a new direction more accessible for new players. It was developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment and published by EA in with fully updated 3D visuals and simplified game-play that focused more on the society of your city than on city planning itself. While still a very fun game, SimCity Societies felt more like a spin-off than a main entry in the series due to these changes.

Things like zoning and individual building development were put aside in favor of managing societal values through different means, and these values in turn determined what upgrades were available to you and what your city ended up looking like. If only it was called SimSocieties…. Although it was considered mediocre by critics at the time, it remains a fun experience if you have a Wii laying around. SimCity Creator was also released for the DS in the same year bringing a similar experience to portable devices.

Unlike its other handheld predecessor, this game had better visuals and ran perfectly fine on the dual-screened device. Critics praised it for cramming so much content into a portable title, although the controls in general felt clumsy and lacking polish. Sim City 4, along with its expansion Rush Hour, are probably the most detailed and complex SimCity games to date. It was developed by Maxis and published by EA in for PCs and Macs, and it shocked players with its updated graphics, day and night cycles, and interconnected cities.

Every little detail can be controlled to affect the bigger picture. Regrettably, the game suffers from serious optimization issues that require it to be run on a monster PC to avoid lagging.

The traffic system is also somewhat broken making traffic jams unavoidable with even the most efficient roads. Years of love from the modding community have managed to fix these issues and improve on many features in the game. It may not have the most detailed systems or the best graphics, but in it was a revolutionary game bringing a different experience to the video game market as a whole.

This earned it several accolades and awards at the time. It was so successful that it allowed developer Maxis to start churning out a variety of other Sim games such as SimTown and SimAnt in a short amount of time, getting users hooked on the genre and paving the way for future titles. In , four years after the release of the original SimCity, Maxis was at it again with another masterpiece.

It had updated graphics and an isometric view, along with a much more complex game-play that took what made the original so popular and developed it into a complete experience with new mechanics and a bigger variety of buildings that allowed players to pursue city growth in different ways. SimCity became the foundation on which the follow-ups would be built, not only from a technical standpoint but in the way it allowed Maxis to grow into a bigger company with more resources.

It poured them into SimCity , the sequel and complete overhaul of its predecessor released in Not only that, it also made maps four times bigger so you could grow your cities to never before seen sizes. This is, without a doubt, the quintessential SimCity experience and the bar to measure all others against. Nelson Chitty is a Venezuelan expat living in Argentina. His ideal weekend is spent between leisurely playing games of Civilization VI and looking for the next seinen anime to marathon.

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