What is mean kinetic temperature

what is mean kinetic temperature

How to calculate Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) in Excel Sheet (Free Download)

Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) is a simplified way of expressing the overall effect of temperature fluctuations during storage or transit of perishable goods. Consider the following example. Example: A dozen eggs sat: In a 20? C room for 2 hours In 2? C refrigeration for 4 hours. Mean kinetic temperature (MKT) is a simplified way of expressing the overall effect of temperature fluctuations during storage or transit of perishable goods. The MKT is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The mean kinetic temperature can be expressed as.

Temperature is directly proportional to the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance. If the degree of motion of the molecules inside an object doubles, kinetif temperature will also double. Temperature is used as a measure for heat in an object by measuring the amount of kinetic energy in the molecules that make up the object. A cold object will have molecules which move very little. When heat is supplied to a cold object, the energy of whzt molecules in the object increases.

This is because heat is a form of energy that can be transferred from how to fix microphone feedback heat source to the molecules, and it can also change its form from heat to movement.

The molecules that have gained extra tepmerature will have a higher tendency to move wuat than the molecules that have not gained the extra energy. Energy of motion is called kinetic energy. When the molecules move or vibrate more, they have a higher kinetic energy, and this is recorded as an increase in temperature.

While on most occasions, supplying heat to an object results in an increase in temperature, there are exceptions to this dhat. When the heat supplied causes a phase change in the object melting, boiling, condensation or freezingall of the heat energy is used to rearranging the molecules into the new phase.

During phase change, change in kinetic energy does not result in a change in temperature. More From Reference. What Is Aristocracy? What Do Stars Symbolize?

How to Manually calculate Mean Kinetic Temperature in Excel Sheet?

Mean Kinetic Temperature is defined by the USP as "the single calculated temperature at which the total amount of degradation over a particular period is equal to the sum of the individual degradations that would occur at various temperatures. Jan 19,  · As per ICH guidelines Mean Kinetic Temperature can be defined as a single calculated temperature which degrades the same amount of the drug as degraded by the different temperatures during the particular time period. MKT is not a simple arithmetic mean but is calculated from the temperatures of stability chambers. Mar 22,  · What is Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)? Put simply, MKT is a single temperature that accounts for the cumulative effect of numerous temperature variations over a period of time.

Email: sales. I presume you are dealing with medicines or other temperature sensitive products and have you wondered at some point about the calculation of MKT?

Read on. If you have a set of temperature readings across a certain period of time, the Mean Kinetic Temperature across this period means effective average thermal value fo r this period.

This temperature value is what the stored goods effectively feel during the mentioned time. This is not the arithmetical average of the readings. Mean Kinetic Temperature is calculated for understanding effects of variations in temperature for temperature-sensitive goods during storage and transportation.

The calculation is different from the Average value which is the sum total of the values divided by the count of the values. Mean Kinetic value is slightly higher than average value. This is particularly important for storage and transportation of medicine, vaccines etc.

A temperature data logger is kept inside the box for recording the temperature continuously. At the end of the transportation, the recorded temperature data is downloaded and verified. Hence MKT for a substance can be defined as the calculated value derived from the complete recording over a specified period of time.

If this value is within the permitted values, the substance is still considered to be safe. Would you be interested in the simplest way using an Excel sheet?

All of you are familiar with Excel and hopefully, this will be the simplest calculation method. If you do not want to calculate manually, we encourage you to Download the free Excel sheet.

The detailed method of above steps are explained below:. First of all, you will download the data from the temperature data logger or temperature and humidity data logger. MKT is applicable for Temperature only and not for Humidity Assuming that the data is recorded at equal intervals, this is the formula for calculation of Mean Kinetic Temperature:. The resultant MKT value also will be in Kelvin, which then has to be converted back to your required units. Free Excel software for automatic calculation of MKT of multiple data loggers.

Now denominator is over. Download step by step guides for MKT calculation. Download the free Excel sheet here. All the data has to be listed vertically. There is no limitation to the range and you may include any number of data.

Simply replace the range B1: excelB with your corresponding range. This excel sheet also calculates Minimum, Maximum, Average values of the range of temperature values. Should you require any clarification on the same you may please contact us.

The calculation method is a bit complicated as below. Look puzzled? Go to Excel sheet above and do it by simple means. The calculation formula for MKT is explained below. This formula is already incorporated in the Excel sheet above. We supply various types of data loggers which have an inbuilt calculation of Mean Kinetic Temperature. The MKT value is calculated from the first reading to the last reading.

So when you receive a box of medicines, you can download the data from the temperature data logger and check individual values as well as the MKT value. A sample report of one such data logger is given in this image.

MKT is commonly used in the storage and transportation of medicines, vaccines etc. The common applications are listed below:. This is a regular practice which was commonly practised until a few years ago. Now various local authorities and medicine manufacturers do not accept MKT as a standard practice. Hence you may check before completely going by the criteria of MKT.

With the technological advances, it is now possible to monitor MKT during the transportation of the medicines. So during transportation, it can happen that temperature continues to increase, but the MKT continues to be within the limits. In such case, you can take corrective actions if you have such real-time monitoring systems. If you have multiple boxes inside a refrigerated van, you can have monitoring sensors in each box.

So you can monitor each box separately. The entire calculation explained above is programmed in the excel sheet. It is that simple. How will MKT misguide you? Please visit our online data logger store for all types of data loggers. As a biomedical engineer, is very important to have a knowledge of how the temperature affects to the products, and this is an important tool. Please contact our office at email sales.

The excel sheet is protected and i cant insert a lot of data on the excel sheet pleas can you help? Will you please send your query to our email indicated at the top, so that our technical team will take care. Other than that, great explanation of the concept. Very helpful. Very useful. I have download the Excel sheet it is a great, however, I amcan advise not able to insert more row. Hope you can help. Thank you SO much for this spreadsheet.

It saved my report! Do you have a spreadsheet for Mean Kinetic Relative Humidity? Much respect to you for making this, you are very smart! For relative humidity, there is no Kinetic value.

Please send your detailed requirement to sales. I have downloaded the excel spreadsheet but it is protected and can not add more rows to do teh calculation Could you help me? Please send an email to sales. The full version is made available for companies. Please send an email from your official email id. Hi, I am not able to unlock the free download. I sign with google plus but nothing is happening..

Could you please help? Please send an email to our office sales. We will forward the same. I request you to send us an email to sales. Thank you so much for your free Excel spreadsheet! We were able to use it to determine if our pharmaceutical inventory storage spaces were affected by the Northern California fires.

I have been trying to download the Excel worksheet to calculate MKT. I keep getting a link to the same page and have requested the spreadsheet many times without success.

If someone is following the written instructions to cross-check the calculation, the mathematical terms are wrong. I have been done the rough calculation of MKT and observed value is 5. I am looking for, how can I correlate with this MKT value to temperature excursions.

It may happen during operation time or some other conditions. Excursion is actually a deviation and how can I address this excursions in SOP and avoid deviation. Your query is not clear. However, I will try to answer. Suppose you kept a medicine yesterday morning at The refrigerators might have experienced few excursions during this 24 hours. Assuming that you have a data logger with data recording for this 24 hours, you will find out the MKT for this 24 hours.

If the MKT value is within 2 to 8, then the medicine is acceptable. This example is to explain the usage of MKT, without any commitments from our side whatsoever. I have just downloaded the MKT excel sheet. Thanks for the tool. Now it is deviation of 0. My question is : is there any limit or range for MKT value? Hello, how have you determined your delH value?

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