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Big Brother has released a new promo teasing a houses full of surprises for its upcoming season. According to the promo, There are secrets lurking behind doors, walls, chairs and more under beds, above heads and below the floor (seriously, excavating?). Housemates better beware, these. Well, the Big Brother Canada 9 houseguests had one intense night with the first (and possibly only) double eviction of the season. The dreaded double eviction sent two players to the BBCAN9 jury. It took out Victoria and Rohan, two huge players. Now only seven players remain to fight for the Big Brother Canada 9 title and likedatingall.com only seven players left, every competition win is crucial.

Have nots:????? Beth this is so nice of you. I thought you were tonigut to tell me to bug off! How to buy office 2003 this is what married couples do. Beth you would do this for me? Jed yeah, I would take care of you. Jed who are we evicting? Beth Vic. Jed yeah? Beth yeah, we went over some crazy stuff when you left. Jed did you? Yeah I talked to Tera again in the bathroom. Beth is she falling?

She is just mentally sad. Beth especially when Vic walked away. Jed how to tackle in la noire was just saying how emotionally exhausted she was from today and how she had all these pitches she wanted to give tonight but I said just do it tomorrow.

Beth good. I get that and prefer that. Jed I said that all people want to hear is that you give your word for not coming for them. Beth what did she say? Jed she said yeah. I would do what the house wants.

Beth do you believe it? Jed ah. I honestly do, yeah. Do I think she will win. If I think she does. I think she will do what she says. What did she do week 2? Beth its actually crazy. Week 1 she wins the first HOH. And she was the only vote to keep Julie. And no one thinks anything of it. Jed week 2 she was the vote that saved Rohan.

Beth week 3 she wins. Puts Keifer and the block and gets literally the biggest player out of the game. Next week. Makes a deal with Keifer. Keifer and Ty. Ty I am never going in that room. That was awkward! Keifer she literally only went for people in that room. Ty what a sick game this is. Keifer everyone in this room went unscathed. She was going to go for Brey though. Ty talked her out of it? Keifer yeah. Ty oh hppened, I really want to keep her but I know its not best for our games.

Keifer I want to keep her too. Ty the emotional side of me, really wants to keep her. Keifer me too. Ty I love spice. Keifer I hate this. Ty I know. Oh man, where did she go wrong? Keifer -exactly. Ty its my fault, its okay! Keifer Jed should have won. Qhat that too. Those two things happened.

Keifer because we could have gone for a back door. Ty yeah, I take responsibility for my part in this one. The plan was Roh first then her. Keifer I really think she would try to take us to final 3. Ty I agree with you.

BUT then again if we really want to keep her. Keifer she would come for Beth. Ty do you think we could get out of it? Keifer how to make water evaporate quickly no, she would get Beth.

She would put Jed up next to her. Ty you think so?! You think she puts Jed up? Keifer exactly. Its a potential situation. We just know how she gets with power. Ty she will make Beth pay for putting her in this tonightt.

Keifer do we want to protect Beth or Vic? Ty Beth how to size a gas boiler essentially trading Hppened for Brey. Because she prefers Brey. That is the reality. Brey is a number for her. Vic is not. Happene its going to be hard to have conversations blg Breydon is going to be around all the time.

Ty I know. I struggle with it. Because its going to be me. Anyone else it would cut deep, deep! I know. I would do it too. I would hate it but I would do it. This one is making me feel sick. Ty she saved us. Keifer maybe we just save her. Ty if we want too. And Jed what does it mean to offer an olive branch do it if we say. Keifer I honestly think she could be the best player.

Whoever takes Vic out wins the game. Ty maybe we save her. And we could take her out at the last minute.

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Big Brother Australia , also known as Big Brother 7, was the seventh season of the Australian reality television series Big likedatingall.comes were broadcast on Network Ten in Australia, and the first episode aired on 22 April Despite a drop in ratings compared to previous seasons, and a number of controversies, the then Big Brother executive producer Kris Noble considers the year's. Big Brother 15 is the fifteenth season of the American reality television series Big likedatingall.com season premiered on CBS on June 26, , and concluded on September 18, It was the longest season to date, running 90 days. This season featured 16 HouseGuests. The premise of the series remained largely unchanged from previous editions of the series, in which a group of contestants, known. Apr 16, Were down to the Big Brother Canada 9 final likedatingall.com a few short weeks, one person will become the winner of Big Brother Canada likedatingall.com this point in the game, every move counts, every win is dire, and every challenge has to be overcame to stay in the BBCAN9 game.

In a few short weeks, one person will become the winner of Big Brother Canada 9. At this point in the game, every move counts, every win is dire, and every challenge has to be overcame to stay in the BBCAN9 game. Of the remaining six players, only three of them have been Head of Households before. Breydon and Tera especially need to win this HOH, because, at the moment, they are the next two players on the Sunsetters hit-list. To stop a complete steamroll to the final four, Tera or Breydon needs to win HOH to shake up the game.

She would go after the strongest players, and nominate some combination of Beth, Tychon, Jedson, and Kiefer. With at least two of those four on the block after the Veto Ceremony, this increases Breydon and her odds of making it to the finals. They then had to remember details and answer questions about them. They were given seven quotes and the player with the most points after seven round would be the Head of Household.

The results went as followed:. It finally happened, someone who will target the trio won Head of Household. She will likely nominate Tychon and Jedson or Jedson and Kiefer, then Beth, Tychon, or Kiefer will be the possible replacement nominee. Arisa Cox also announced a new twist: a fake double eviction. Two houseguests will be evicted on Thursday, but one of them will return to the game.

They just have to beat the other evictee. Join us later for more Big Brother Canada 9 spoilers. News Ticker. Previous Who Went Home Tonight?

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