What does it mean to be fair and just

what does it mean to be fair and just

What Does it Mean That God Is Just?

Fair and just. definition. Fair and just means the county serves all residents by promoting fairness and opportunity and eliminating inequities through actions to which equity and social justice foundational practices are applied. Dec 22,  · When people see you as a just and fair person you are more likely to gain their trust and cooperation. This would make it easier to function .

I basically explain how learning the difference between ahd and equality can make you happier. I would recommend watching it after you read the rest of this article, because then the video will make a wbat more what does it mean to be fair and just. What does it matter if we muddle them up?

There can be winners and losers, jus players can have different skills and positions, and the game would still be considered fair. Let that game represent a world of complete fairness. I imagine a baseball game during which everyone plays the same position. That would represent a world of complete equality. Allow me to explain this further. Equality means a balance of The problem is, when equality is confused with fairness, the result is a situation where people think ability, experience, productivity, effort and skill should also be added to the above list of requirements.

This would mean that two bakers would get the same pay, even if one of them baked 50 loaves a workday and the other only baked Two bakers should only get the same pay and the same benefits when they do the same job in the same way and produce the same amount of bread. Obviously, it would be wrong to pay a black worker more than a white worker, if they do the same amount of work in an equally good way.

But if the black worker puts in more hours and makes better products, of course they should get paid more. In the above example of the two workers who put in different hours and quality of work, we are treating them fairly by treating them unequally. If they work more and produce better products, they will receive more money.

If they work less and produce lesser quality products, they will receive less money. Simple as that. Just and fair — and only unequal if the workers choose to do work that is unequal in any way. What if they are held back by things out of their control, like a disability? The able-bodied among aand sometimes feel like this is unfair to them, because they are now making the same amount of money as the disabled person, but they are putting in more work. To that I say, would you be willing to forfeit your able-bodied status in order to be on disability benefits?

I come out with a new one every Sunday. This was a anr video. What they get upset about is when taxes and fees increase on the house they bought so that others can have that house and the cost becomes too great and they risk losing their house. My dad now walks with a cane because he has put off his knee surgery because he cannot afford to take time off for recovery. The solution would be to make it even easier still for people to afford necessities.

We need to be kinder to each other. More compassionate. Not how to get the best dell deal selfish and fearful of each other. That just makes the problem worse. If it had been disclosed at the start and they agreed, that would be different: It could have been optional. I believe everyone should be paid for the value they provide, or for what they have contracted to receive or pay.

Programs, nonprofits, donations, different benefit options etc. Changing or expanding how things are done, and made for different ways of working and living goes a long way to improving quality of life. Embracing that people are different is much bigger than disabilities. Opportunity for education, choice and options are the answer.

It creates more problems. Especially when it comes to making the necessities affordable. I think aand is kust fair nor equal.

The main issue I see beyond that is that the both the upper jhst middle class seem to resent the lower class for wanting help, when they are in their position through no fault of their own. I believe that if we all help each other, the burden will be lessened for every individual who offers said help, and no one will resent it, for no one will notice it. Hi, here is my input on this issue. When children are of early elementary school age and under, adults and older children often teach them that fairness means everybody gets ONE cupcake.

Or FOUR turns on the swings. They begin to understand that fairness is often based on need or merit. However, how to get from heathrow to gatwick by train every child begins to what is the health information exchange this automatically.

I am on the Autism Spectrum very mild, previously diagnosed with Asperger Syndromeand I take what people say literally. I understand most of what people say, but I have difficulty understanding the difference between what people say, and what they actually mean.

I sometimes felt like my parents let my brother 2 years younger than me, and without fqir off easy for things that would have earned me a good talking to when I was his age.

I felt like he often got fewer and shorter lectures than I did at the same age. When I was going how to increase sales in service industry puberty I started around age 8 or 9my parents would reprimand me for my behavior, but when he was going through puberty I think he started around 11 or 12they especially my mom would chalk it faur to hormones.

The reason I found this unfair was not because one of us was not getting what we needed or deserved, it was because I remembered what adults had always taught me when I was younger. Now, let me just explain that for a neurotypical person, there is right and wrong, but what is right and wrong is based on the situation.

For a person on the Autism Spectrum, like me, what is right and wrong is based on what we have been taught, and what we have learned. I agree that it can be tricky to learn these things when young — whether neurotypical or not. We need to have a clear understanding of the concepts before we teach them to others. Thank you! How about writing an article or making a video about the key differences between reporting and tattling.

This is also an important topic to talk about, so that children can better understand when they should try to ida corr what goes around comes around a situation on their own, and when they dhat tell an adult they trust. I do appreciate the suggestion though. I will suggest that the crux of disagreement is centered on WHO bears the obligation to help these impaired people out.

Not whether or not they should be helped. There is a definite place for charity in society. But many times, that has fallen short and govt has stepped in. You made a very good point! Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

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E- 3, Arera Colony, 10 No. For Reservation Call : 1. What is scoliosis for kids In the above example of anv two workers who put in different hours and quality of work, we are treating them fairly by treating them unequally. It requires Strategy. Post Tagged with equalityfairnessHow to be happyknow the differencethe difference between fair and equalthe difference between fairness and equality.

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"Just" refers to an action justified under the circumstances. "Fair" refers to an action that treats people as they deserve to be treated. Many times, actions that are just are not fair. In hard cases, an action may be justified because there aren't superior options, even if . Jun 12,  · Favorite Answer. Fair and just are the same as a source being Objective. Meaning to be neutral and give a balanced view on things with . In a jurisprudential sense, “fair” is a component of “just.” To be “just,” a law must be impartial, predictable, and fair. To be impartial, a law must treat everyone the same. That is, everyone is subject to the same outcome or sanction (not always the same thing), and everyone gets a meaningful chance to tell their side of the story.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Take Turns. Tell the truth. Play by the rules. Think about how your actions will affect others. Listen to people with an open mind. If you are using the video, ask questions 1 and 2 before viewing. How do you know when something is unfair? Has anybody ever tricked you or cheated you? How did you feel about it? Questions to ask after showing Act I. Do you think Burna was being fair with Muggsy? If not, what did she do that was unfair? What did she do that was dishonest?

Do you think it was fair for Muggsy to accuse Burna of stealing his script? Why, or why not? Burna gave a better audition than Muggsy. Muggsy pleaded with Essie to give him more time to find his costume. Burna objected, saying that would be unfair. Whom do you agree with, Muggsy or Burna?

How did Muggsy and Burna feel about each other at the end of Act I? What is Essie confused about? Why is she having trouble deciding what is fair?

What would you do if you were Essie? What are some of her options? Questions to ask after showing Act II. Socrates said that the best way to solve a problem is by thinking. Do you agree? Did that help Essie? Were Burna and Muggsy guilty of any of these unfair things Essie mentioned? Which ones? What do you think of that idea? Is it useful? Why not?

What was missing? Essie comes away from the Thinking Place planning on having a trial. Can you predict what might happen when Essie brings her fighting friends together in a courtroom? Questions to ask after showing Act III. What did this trial accomplish? Essie gave Muggsy and Burna three rules they had to follow during the trial. What were they? Take turns, listen to each other, tell the truth. What do you think of these rules? Do they have anything to do with fairness?

Did Essie do a good job of running a fair trial? Explain your answer. Did the trial help Muggsy and Burna understand the unfair things they had done to each other?

How can you tell? Do you think a trial like that might be a fair way for you and your friends to settle conflicts? Was it a good idea to let Muggsy and Burna come up with their own solution? What do you think of the solution Muggsy and Burna came up with? Was it fair? Can you think of a better solution?

In every situation is it possible to be fair to everyone? Should you try? What does treating people fairly mean? Does fairness mean everyone gets the same amount, like an equal piece of a chocolate bar? Does fairness mean enforcing the rules for everyone, even if it means losing a game? How should you treat people who are not fair with you? How does fairness affect your relationships with other people — your friends, for example? If you wish to copy or use any material from this website, please click here for Terms of Use.

To find teaching guides on Fairness and related topics for other grade levels click here. What does it mean to be a fair person?

Ask for specific examples of each behavior they identify. Compare their list with the one at the top of this page.

Hang the list up on the wall as a reminder. Take some of the behavioral examples from activity 1, above, and turn them into role-play situations.

The kids can act them out themselves or use puppets. First have them role-play the unfair behavior, and then the fair behavior. Have the group analyze each of the role-plays. Bring in articles from newspapers and magazines reporting on events in which fairness and justice are at issue. Have a discussion about who is acting fairly, and who is acting unfairly in these situations.

If your students are old enough to write book reports, have them write about how the characters in the book behaved in either a fair or an unfair way. Do the same with movies or television programs they have seen. If your children are too young to write book reports, do this as a class discussion about the books they are reading or that you are reading to them. Describe it. What was unfair about it? How did it make you feel? What did you learn from the experience?

How is fairness related to having respect for others? How is it related to honesty? To being reliable? To being a good citizen? Think of something that you consider to be unfair. Describe it in detail, and write what you think should be done about it. Is there anything you can do to help change it? If so, what? Set up a situation in which you have to make an important decision. For instance, choosing someone to play on your basketball team. Are there more stakeholders than just the two applicants?

How can you tell who has a stake in your decision? How does considering the stake-holders help you make a fairer decision. Did you know that almost every decision you make even small ones affects other people? Think of a few decisions you have made, and write about how those decisions affected other people.

Copy this block and send it home to the parents. Dear Parent,. Your child has just viewed a video entitled The Six Pillars of Character: FAIRNESS which teaches children lessons about fair and unfair behavior, and shows how being a fair person leads to good friendships and positive interpersonal relationships. Here are some things you can do to reinforce the message of this video and our related learning activities.

Perhaps post them in a place where your child will see them often.

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