What does home by phillip phillips mean

what does home by phillip phillips mean

Home (Phillip Phillips song)

The song "Home" is about a husband and wife I think. They just got married, and the wife is sad to leave the home she grew up in and loved. The husband is trying to make her understand that no matter what, he will be there for her, and as long as she's with him, she'll be safe. Oct 21,  · The Story Behind the Song: Phillip Phillips, “Home” by Doug Waterman October 20, , pm 6 Comments (Left to right: Phillip Phillips, Greg Holden, Drew Pearson)Author: Doug Waterman.

Phillip is a spelling variant of Philip. The Season 11 winner took to Instagram Friday to share news of the birth. Nov 16, Pphillips so, what is the how to control purple loosestrife meaning of the name Emily?

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Home by Phillip Phillips song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. Southwest Georgia native Phillip Phillips attended Lee County High School in Leesburg before graduating from Albany Technical College with a major in Industrial Systems Technology. Feb 05,  · From the moment Phillip Phillips performed “Home” on the American Idol stage, the tune all about “making this place your home” flew to number 6 on the Billboard charts, went triple platinum and was even featured as the theme song of the Summer Olympic games in likedatingall.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. Don't want guess the meaning because this song means different things to different people and all of them a "right" for them. I just want to answer the question about who wrote it. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. "home" Single by phillip phillips. Released may 23, Format digital download. Recorded Genre folk rock. Length 3.

Just go where ever your heart takes you. Thats called home. It will be a sweet sacrifice from me to you Please be strong, don't give up in life. Start loving yourself more than others. Honestly, to me, you are a special person god has created. I couldn't understand myself either.. This song is God himself talking to you. He is going to make this place our home because life takes us on all sorts of journeys, good and bad, but with God by our side, he is going to make it a welcoming and enjoyable place to be.

The song home is basically saying that your home is anywhere as long as you have people and things you care about you can make anyplace your home. There are many positive interpretations but also some very negative ones. On the surface it seems positive and happy sounding but thinking about these lyrics and how many of our so called music writers and performers can sometimes be real creeps, the song could also be describing a well executed abduction of some kind.

The singer could be taking the victim to a remote site too far from civilization where all kinds of abuses take place. Settle down! It could be a perv house or maybe a cult compound of some kind and the victim may know and is afraid of the coming hopelessness. Dunno but I really avoid this song completely now.

Hope it just fades and is forgotten. I feel like this can apply to many scenarios. To some, it might feel like a message to the world inspired by God. To others, they might feel it is a message from parents to their newborn.

It could be for a friends or loved one in trouble to encourage and uplift them. There are many meanings to this beautiful song. The song "Home" is about a husband and wife I think.

They just got married, and the wife is sad to leave the home she grew up in and loved. The husband is trying to make her understand that no matter what, he will be there for her, and as long as she's with him, she'll be safe. It was odd, I never thought anyone else would see God talking in this. But I have heard that since I first actually listened to the lyrics. Especially the line: "if you get lost you can always be found". This is pretty cool, too, to see other brothers and sisters hearing this ;.

As a Jehovah Witness,this song seem to tell of enduring this current world, darkness. Only to see the garden like paradise, God always planned for mankind. As he clear out evil, and make this place our home. Personally I believe that the song is reminiscent to someone kidnapping a person I know it's a little dark but I mean when you take the lyrics such as "if you get lost you will always be found" and "don't pay attention to the demons in your mind they will fill you with fear" kind of sounds like he's telling a person "no one's going to find you".

According to Holden, the song is about a friend who was going through a very difficult time, and it was his way of reaching out and saying that "you know someone's here for you". This came from wikipedia - Same person who posted here yesterday for the song Latch and for the song today Someone New God is our strength! I agree brother or sister!

I know it's , and is definitely over, but this song is still great to me, even though it's short, because it has a great meaning.. So all in all, the meaning of the song is to "pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear" and to pay mind to God, because we will be found by him. This gives me strength, because it helps me to remember all of this in the worst times.

I hope it helps you all reading this too! This song is explaining how hard life is. I think it's also about how hard it is with new experiences.

One place is your home and you can be scared going to new places. That's why this song is called home. It's about someone facing lots of obstacles in life and explains it in a song. It makes me think of refugees or new immigrants, who are hesitant and scared about this new life. I think this song is supposed to be about helping others and being brave.

I like to write plays and I am using this song in one of them. It's not an actual public performance, just for fun. I hear this song I think of our rabbit Tenoch.

A friend of my husbands found him in front of a tow yard. We went to go get him and bring him home. I think this song is me holding him and telling him, I am taking you to your home and no matter what it will be.

You have a family now. He was so young we could not tell if he was male or female. Horrible people in this world, but God brought us to him.

Phillips said that while the song and its writers are "really good", "it's not really something I would write". He also revealed that he had wanted to use a song he co-wrote with his brother-in-law, "Drive Me," as the coronation song. In interviews after the finale, he said, "The song that I did tonight that supposedly is my single, it's not really my single, I told them it's not my single.

God Bless you and your husband. Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. What does Home mean? Login Create Account. Phillip Phillips : Home Meaning. Tagged: Not Giving Up [suggest]. This interpretation has been marked as poor.

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