How to write blinking text in html

how to write blinking text in html

HTML Blink Tag

Blinking feature using JavaScript #blink { font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold; color: #2d38be; transition: s; } This is an example of blinking text using JS. var blink = likedatingall.commentById('blink'); setInterval(function() { likedatingall.comy = (likedatingall.comy == 0? 1: 0); }, );. How to make blinking text using HTML and CSS HTML code to assign blinking class. Here we are using the HTML span tag to give the blinking text. Then we have assigned CSS code to add the animation and style properties. The @keyframes rule specifies .

Blinking text is on of the types of text decoration that are generally recommended not to use. Like flashy colors how to make mash ki daal in urdu hopping animations, making it hard to read the page, this is considered a porn effect.

Also you should be aware that blinking text is not supported by all browsers. Style has to be applied to a text section, e. Here the text is normal, here ln text blinks, if the browser support this, and here the text returns to normal. If you really want to have blinking text, and it has to work, you have two general ways of doing it: Hpw animated gif, i.

How this is done, can be seen under images A JavaScript defining a new tag Let's take a closer look at the JavaScript. It is possible to create your own element, we'll call it JavaBlink, and it looks like an ordinary tag, when you use it, i. For this we create a function, also called JavaBlink. Element and function don't have to have the same name, but for this particular purpose, it is very practical.

Here the text is normal, here the text blinks, using the JavaScriptet, and here the text returns to normal. Here the text is blinking with the time set to Effects on text. About the site.

Definition and Usage

The opening tag is telling the browser to blink the text from this text and the closing tag is telling the browser blink text to this text, as showing in the following. This is border properties There is the Example of Blink HTML that is used to flashing the text. Blinking text is currently possible in two ways, using HTML, and none of them are really suitable, as they only work for some browsers: The first one is STYLE="text-decoration: blink". Style has to be applied to a text section, e.g., and. var txt = "Hello World!";"The original string: " + txt);"Big: " + + "");"Small: " + + "");"Bold: " + + "");.

You might have seen on websites that some text flicker and tells you something special. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a flickering text using a unique HTML tag. The HTML blink tag is a non-standard element of HTML that helps to flash or gently blink a text or set of text in a web browser; as you all might know that Blink means turning on and off any light in a regular pattern or within a fixed time interval.

Usually, the blinking of text is not always used because it becomes annoying for the users or viewers to continually see the flashing of text. This tag has become depreciated, but there are still some browsers that support this blink feature. For example, the blink feature is supported by Netscape version 5.

It is advised not to use the Blink Tag because if the browser does not support it, then chances are your page might get broken. As an alternative, web developers can use CSS along with JavaScript to create a blink effect on texts. Typically, this tag was used to create a fancy text effect on a webpage. Also, it was used to show some special offers or special information and direction to catch the audience's eyes. It is a container tag, like other HTML tags, and all the texts written within this tag will get the blink effect.

You also have an option if you want to implement the Blink feature, where the browser will not support the Blink element. Use CSS animation property animation: blink 2s ease infinite;.

This is nowadays a common approach to use the style and embed the text-decoration with blink value. Associating the SPAN tag with it is considered the right solution because it does not augment any other structuring to your text.

Here is a code snippet showing the use of it. JavaScript Tutorials jQuery Tutorials. Table of Contents. Use JavaScript for Blinking.

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