How to use withings scale

how to use withings scale

Getting Started With Your Body+ Smart Scale

May 15, †Ј How to Use the Withings Body+ Scale - YouTube. Buy one at Withings: and use coupon code LON20 for 20% off until July In this video I demo setting up the Withings Body+. Jan 28, †Ј The scale will display weight, BMI, body composition (muscle and bone mass plus body fat and total water percentage), and a local weather report (if connected through a Wi-Fi network). It can also show your steps from the previous day if youТve been using a Withings activity tracker or Health MateТs built-in activity tracking feature and you activate this screen.

So I was happy when I finally saw some action on the Zwift forum topic addressing this bug! In very simple terms, what you can withinys is set up a free FitBit account, then connect it to your Withings account so your scale sends data to FitBit.

Lastly, connect that ue FitBit go to Zwift. Wirhings a new FitBit account is free and fairly painless.

Just visit accounts. That said, you can set up an account at account. Visit fitbit. You should get a series of screens like this:. You will be asked if you want to import historic readingsЕ you can do this, or skip it. So now your weight data is being sent withiings your new FitBit account. We just need Zwift to start talking to the FitBit account!

Easily done. Visit your my. Once Zwift fixes how to use withings scale Withings connection things should continue operating properly even with this little hack in place. Eric runs How to casually flirt with a guy over text Insider in his spare time ti he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests.

He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava. I wonder how easy or difficult this would be for Zwift. They already do some linking with Garmin Connect, but I suppose extracting weight data from Garmin Connect would be more complicated than simply sending files of rides for Garmin to process.

Little bit of withlngs to set up what is an ss id number, but worth it. Crazy how little attention Zwifts gets for the basicsЕ Including things that automatically improve the racing experience for everyone. Stay far far away from Withings scales.

I had two and both lasted less than two years. I am still on my old Withings scale form before the became Nokia and then back again. Still happy with it and integrating it to zwift again not trough fitbit.

But is it pretty bad from Zwifts side that something they broke 9 month ago is not fixed. How hard can it be Е. The workaround sounds right and thank you for that, but sharing my weight with just another service just to acomplish a direct sync sounds wrong out of the wjthings. Also I have no association with Fitbit. Why should they have my weight? Zwift should do their homework NOW. Short people are a thing whether you believe it or not and our weight scales with our height.

Nice work-around. One correction needed at least I how to clean my computer to make it run faster it. Does it sync automatically now you have selected allow all? I think Withings bought back from Nokia, so Nokia is not part of the picture any more I think.

Does this round up? I weighed Given that this has been going on since at least July, I am giving away my Withings scale and deleting the app. They admit it is their issue, but obviously have no plans to fix it.

If I have to create a fitbit account to get this to work, I would rather just buy a fitbit scale Е at least they got theirs working. I tired this work around today on two different computers, iPad and iPhone. Looking at the page code, it seems that link has been changed to loop you back to wlthings same page.

Related Posts. About The Author. Eric Schlange Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests.

Log in using. Notify of. Emoji Stickers. Inline Feedbacks. Simon J. MarkD mark. Reply to Simon J. Rene Birk Laursen. Reply to solo. Gordon Sloan. Good tip, I saw uee they had fixed fitbit syncing but had not got round to trying this out yet. Reply to Pedro. Works for EufyLife as well. I never would have thought of this connectionЕ.

Nuno Pinto. Withhings jasonm Jon M. Just put one hand on the towel rail to lose 3kg, ohw push off the sink for a quick 8kg loss. Art Vandelay. Reply to Jon Sca,e. Scott Reynolds scott-mtb-reynolds. Eric Schlange eschlange. Reply to Scott Reynolds. Simone Chiaretta simone.

Ryan Shank. This works with any scale that connects to the fitbit app. Works with my Renpho scale. Greg Hilton ghilton. Reply to Joran. Fitbit scale ordered. The problem lies with Zwift, if you can believe it. Search for:. Support this Site Purchase a Pain Cave withing. Shop for a trainer using our Smart Trainer Index. Contribute a post : Email [email protected] for details. Newsletter Subscription. Would love your thoughts, please comment. You are going to send scle to.

Move Comment.

Step 2: Connect Fitbit Account to Withings Account

Tap Scales. Tap Body+. Tap Install. Press the pairing button at the back of the scale for three seconds and tap Next. The scale displays a message prompting you to open the Health Mate app. Once the app detects the scale, tap Next. It may take up to a minute for your scale to be detected by your mobile device. Tap Pair. Tap Next. You have two options to set up your scale for multiple users: Option 1 - Group all users under the same account (meaning that all users can access the other users' data) Option 2 - Create separate Withings accounts for each user (to keep each user's data private) There's a limit of 8 users per scale. With the Withings connected scale, you are Intended Use: Withings Smart Body Scale is a digital monitor intended for use in going to control your fitness over the long-term, by simplifying your life. All of measuring weight and body fat mass in generally healthy adults 18 years of age your measurements will be available in your personal web.

You've come to the right place. Read on to learn about all of the exciting features of your new connected scale. The following tips will help you learn how to use your scale and understand all it has to offer.

Find a home for your scale. Just be sure to pick a spot that helps you remember to actually use the scale. Note that if you place Body on a carpet, add the removable feet for maximum stability and the most precise measurement.

Similarly, if you have the scale on a hard floor, you do not want the feet, as this will make the scale less stable. Hop on the scale.

Our Position Control technology will help you find the center for the most accurate reading. Once our weight is registered as centered, an arrow in each corner will flash to show you it has been registered. If your weight resembles that of another user, the screen will split showing both trigrams the three letters you choose to identify each user.

Lean to the side displaying your trigram to signal which user you are, and the data will register to your profile. The scale will display weight, BMI, body composition muscle and bone mass plus body fat and total water percentage , and a local weather report if connected through a Wi-Fi network.

The results will be instantly and automatically updated on your Health Mate account. Your scale turns off when you step off. Open the Health Mate app to analyze your trends and track your progress. When you open Health Mate after stepping on the scale, you will find several screens to help you interpret your results. To learn more about how you can manage your daily calorie intake directly in Health Mate, check out our MyFitnessPal integration.

Or, enhance your tracking experience by choosing to link Health Mate with your favorite health and fitness app. Withings allows you to link with more than partner apps including Weight Watchers, Lose It! So, have you taken the scale for a spin? Enjoying it? Any issues you still need help with? Get Started. Interpret Your Results. Become familiar with Health Mate. Read News. Rachel Glum Rachel is a copywriter and a fitness enthusiast who enjoys long-distance running, yoga, and strength training.

When she isn't editing or exercising, you can find her singing a cappella or cooking healthy vegan meals in her new apartment kitchen. Loading Article

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