How to use hedge apples for pest control

how to use hedge apples for pest control

How to Use Hedge Apples to Repel Spiders and Mice

Oct 24,  · Claims abound that hedge apples around the foundation or inside the basement will repel boxelder bugs, crickets, spiders and other pests. Research conducted at Iowa State University has demonstrated that chemicals extracted from the fruit can be repellant to tested insects (German cockroaches, mosquitoes and houseflies). May 28,  · All necessary for Pest Control How to Use Hedge Apples to Control Spiders. Spiders are helpful in controlling other p.

I may earn a small commission off these links at no additional cost to you. Every fall, hedge apples fall to the ground and those who come across them wonder what the heck to do with them. Inexpensive, colorful, and practical, hedge apples are great to have around!

I have found that you can buy hedge apples at most markets for around. You can also ask around and see if anyone has Osage Orange trees growing on their property. These are the trees that produce hedge apples. If so, you can get a bunch of these beauties for free. Either way, you will find they are easy how do you spell celebratory affordable to get your hands on.

Take a look below to learn more about ways to use this unusual fruit, including how to use hedge apples to repel spiders and mice.

This is an old fashioned, tried and true method that gardeners have been using for ages to keep how to make an oatmeal mask at bay! Hedge apples are the fruit of the Osage-Orange tree. This is a rather small tree that stays short in stature. In the spring, the tree grows beautiful green flowers. In the fall, hedge apples develop and when ripe, fall from the tree.

By early October, you can find hedge apples all over the ground where Osage-Orange trees are present. Hedge apples are not poisonous, however they are not suitable for eating due to their flavor and rough form. Hedge apples have a very tough exterior and bitter interior. See how to repel flies with Pine Sol! This easy fly repelling spray takes seconds to make and works great. How do People Use Hedge Apples?

One of the most common uses for hedge apples is purely decorative. They offer some color and texture to fall home decor especially for those after a rustic farmhouse look. Hedge apples can also be tossed into your compost bin to help enrich it.

One of the more creative uses for hedge apples we will discuss below: using them to repel pests such as spiders and mice. How to Use Hedge Apples to Repel Spiders and Mice The oils in hedge apples are well known for repelling pests such as spiders and mice. Here is what you need to do: simply gather the hedge apples and place them around the foundation of your home. This could be the foundation that supports your basement or even kitchen.

At this time you can replace them, or just add fresh hedge apples to the collection. The more you have, the better your results will be. Hedge apples are an easy, chemical free way to keep spiders and mice away from your home. Why not give this method a try? The smell of the oils may how to use hedge apples for pest control just enough to keep them at bay!

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The downside to do-it-yourself pest control

Oct 03,  · hedge apples work as a home remedy for pest control?

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one of these links and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. In addition, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. There are many things that spur exploration, from benign curiosity to the evils of imperialism to the thrill of adventure and entrepreneurship and everything in between.

Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, after all, foraging for plants and berries to survive. Enter the Hedge Apple.

A staple in the New World along the Mississippi, the first English-language accounts of hedge apples date to , when William Dunbar explored the area around the Ozarks and set cuttings back to then-President Jefferson. It intrigued them then, and intrigued us now — in part because that question of what hedge apples can be used for and, yes, if we can eat them remains a complex one. For those who have never seen one before, hedge apples are typically yellowish-green and grow to about the size of a softball.

These plants generally grow to somewhere between 25 and 30 feet. Instead of a single round, smooth fruit, a hedge apple has interconnecting patterns of indentations along the exterior.

Hedge apples also contain isoflavones, which have phenolic, which is itself like white willow. In fact, as foodstuff for both humans as well as animals, hedge apples are unpalatable and practically useless. So, eating hedge apples is pretty much out of the question. Still, these fruits grow all over the area, so you might well wonder if they can be used for something else. If you live in the Ozarks region, you may have indeed seen people trying to use hedge apples for entirely different purposes, namely as a pest control measure.

This is an old home remedy that has persisted in the region for some time. Still, is there any validity to it? If the innards produce a juice that can cause eczema in humans, that hardly sounds like the sort of thing that is good for bugs and insects either.

For some families in the region, that reasoning is good enough. They have been used either whole or sliced, and on their own or in conjunction along with lemon and chestnuts.

Hedge apples are most commonly used in this way to repel spiders, and are placed along with any lemons and chestnuts in the basement. The only problem with this theory is that there is no scientific evidence to back it up. It is true that, in limited cases, chestnuts paired with peppermint oil were somewhat effective at repelling a couple types of spiders. Even so, however, researchers at Iowa State University have found hedge apples along with lemons to be completely useless in repelling spiders.

The best that can be said about hedge apples in terms of their pest repelling powers is that those same researchers found that some compounds within the fruit are able to repel cockroaches. That said, left intact, a whole hedge apple was nowhere near as effective. Is there anything that hedge apples are actually good for besides being unique balls of curiosity which, upon further examination, only become more and more distasteful, literally and figuratively?

If you are absolutely dead set on putting the hedge apples near your home or in your yard to use somehow, there may be a couple of highly limited options to consider. For one thing, the woody branches and trees from which they grow is considered to be hard and durable.

On the one hand, this has nothing to do with the actual hedge apples themselves. Archers looking for wood for their bows have spoken highly of this wood as well. At the University of Kansas, research has been done looking into ways of breeding these trees for landscaping and ornamental purposes. However, this research also eschews hedge fruit, either cutting it out or minimizing their messy parts. By this point, your curiosity in these intriguing fruits may well have turned to irritation — and not just because the liquid from hedge apples can sorely irritate your skin and stomach.

What if, quite understandably, you decide all of that is simply not worth your time? While products such as Floren and Snipper can be used to keep other trees such as sweet gum trees in check, preventing them from producing pointed seed balls, there is no evidence to suggest this would be effective on hedge apple trees. If you already have these trees in your yard, you may be stuck simply cutting them down.

Alternatively, you might try spraying leaves rather than the branches to kill the tree slowly. That said, the wood itself may be left standing for years, and anyway, a tree dying a slow death is hardly a good look for your yard. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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