How to recruit cdl drivers

how to recruit cdl drivers

Hiring Truck Drivers: A How-to for Employers

Recruiting is only part of the solution to the driver shortage. Drivers of all ages can at times feel unappreciated, overworked, and underpaid. Women are underrepresented in the job, too, primarily because of the long hours and physical demands. Aug 25,  · Collaborate on an ongoing basis with schools that offer CDL training, advises Lynn Willey, Placement Specialist with Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Southeast goes beyond the standard job fairs by asking local transportation employers to serve on panels that coach student drivers in the interview process and with soft skills.

Where did all the truck drivers go? The CDL program was enacted to prevent drivers from holding several licenses from different states. It also required that drivers be able to read, write, and speak English well enough to communicate with law enforcement officers. The CDL also required a medical certification that prohibits drivers with some medical conditions from operating a commercial motor vehicle. These two changes created a real challenge in the trucking industry.

So how do we recruit the next generation of healthy, happy truck drivers? Here are three strategies for placing your recruiting collateral:. Differentiate yourself. What do they all have in common? They require navigating to a website to complete an application. If you're using a long form application, this could be one of your recruiting bottlenecks.

Drivers are busy and keep tight schedules. It's a real nuisance for many driver candidates to go to a desktop version of an application. Make it easy for them to apply by advertising a text number instead of a link to a website. Then make sure that the link takes driver candidates to a short form application with just the basic information you need to see if he or she will be a good fit.

Finally, don't ask for a drivers' license, social security number, or date of birth right up front. Many candidates — how to apply false nail truck drivers — are rightfully wary about giving out sensitive personal information.

Asking for this on an employment application is like trying to kiss someone on a first date before you even buy them a drink. So slow down and build a relationship with the candidate before you ask for this sensitive information. By asking for limited information on an application and deferring sensitive, personal information until after you actually speak to the how to fight a girl candidate you'll be doing something a lot of other companies don't do: treating the truck driver applicant like a real, live human being.

You will differentiate yourself in the market just by making this simple change. Local drivers are often the hardest to recruit since their jobs require so much physical labor.

Soft drink and beer distributors are always looking for help. I recently attended a festival and was surprised to see our local beer distributor pouring craft beers. Drivers may be too busy to find your ad, but you can recruit them through their spouses. Appeal to spouses by placing flyers at day care centers, car washes, laundromats, grocery stores, churches, and other places that people visit to take care of their basic needs.

If you offer local or regional work, stress that your drivers are home every night or every weekend. If you offer over-the-road work, make sure you advertise that you have a family ride-along program. Drivers and their spouses often spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Manage your social platforms thoughtfully and regularly.

Social media advertising can also be quite effective. We have resources that go far beyond typical social media targeted advertising, so please contact us if you would like some innovative methods to recruit truckers on social media. Employers need to think outside the box and become more creative in their sourcing strategies.

Finally, social how to start up a funeral home business advertising, if done effectively, can also help you fill those empty seats.

Get tips on wage increase preparation, working with Millenials, creating your staffing model and recruiting. Here are three strategies for placing your recruiting collateral: 1. Get creative with QR codes. Image credit: Scania Group.

1. Use a White Paper to Attract Drivers to Your Fleet

Mar 12,  · 3 Unique Ways to Recruit Truck Drivers. 1. Use a White Paper to Attract Drivers to Your Fleet. 2. Use Social Media. 3. Find What Makes Your Fleet Amazing. Ask employees for referrals. A great way to find and hire a suitable CDL driver is to ask current employees for referrals. Create an employee referral program to motivate employees to participate in the recruiting process. Essentially, the program offers . Aug 25,  · Recruiter Tip: Consider developing specialized tests to screen your candidates. John Fritzius, general manager at Motor Carrier Service Inc. of Ohio, has a customized “functional capacity test” developed by a physical therapist that emulates a day’s worth of driver activities in 45 minutes that candidates must pass.

The digital era in which we live has changed the way that millions around the globe carry out their day-to-day business. With that being said, a significant proportion of new jobs are found on the online marketplace. The reach of potential truck drivers offered by the Internet is extraordinary, and so as a trucking company you must stay up-to-date with recent trends and techniques.

With so many available tools, it can be hard to gauge the top platforms you should include in your driver recruitment strategy.

Although it may seem unusual, this is one of the best methods to adopt when recruiting truck drivers. The connectivity offered by social media is comparable to none. You should measure the success of your social strategy through available analytic tools example: Simply Measured. Using SEO to recruit drivers is quickly becoming a highly successful way to send traffic to your website.

A great way to organically improve your SEO performance is through continuous blogging. By centering your blog posts around specific keywords, users can organically find your web pages rather than endlessly hunting for them. Having a driver recruitment landing page is one of the best forms of inbound marketing available today. All of your inbound marketing activities should be designed with one goal in mind — to attract and convert qualified drivers.

To do this, you must have a top-notch landing page. This is where you where you completely sell the benefits of your company and provide a driver application or a CTA call-to-action. The key to transforming visitors to leads is through effective landing pages and CTAs. Pay-Per-Click campaigns vary slightly from content marketing as they do require more of a capital investment. However, when recruiting truck drivers the use of PPC campaigns can significantly help to leverage a successful SEO infrastructure.

Incorporating PPC campaigns moves your recruiting site to the top of search engine results, producing more traffic from potential truck drivers. Consequently, this means that it is easy to monitor the success of your campaign and tweak the variables if required. Gone are the days when recruiting truck drivers meant only posting a job notice in the local center and hoping for phone calls.

The widespread use of the Internet when searching for positions means that using online job boards is far easier in order to attract potential drivers. The online marketplace will be the first port of call for many truck drivers seeking a trucking career, so make sure that your job posting is unique and sends a powerful message!

M ake best use of the technology at your disposal! Want to learn more and get in touch? Contact the Hightower Agency here for more info on our offerings.

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