How to pick your college major quiz

how to pick your college major quiz

College Major Quiz

College Major Quiz by Innate Choosing the right college major and career path can be overwhelming, but this quiz helps you choose the right fit for you based on how you're innately wired. More. Sep 19,  · What college major would best fit your personality? This test will help you explore degree programs and careers that fit you well. College Major Quiz. You got: Enterprising Type. Yuri_Arcurs/Digital Vision/Getty Images How to Choose the Right College Major. The Hardest College Majors. What It's Like Being a Chemist. Business Majors Author: Grace Fleming.

Marquette University W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI Phone: Marquette University Undergraduate Admissions. Undergraduate Admissions. You're packing your bag for another day of classes. What are you looking forward to most of all? What are you doing? Whose brain would you like to pick over lunch? The founder of a successful company A lead scientist on a groundbreaking project A philanthropist or key social justice figure A past or present world leader A talk show host or other television personality After school, how would you prefer to spend your time?

What do you do? Make a new video for TikTok or my YouTube channel. Play a video game. I will get how to tag location in google map level 9! Work on my new business ideas or update yoyr profile on LinkedIn Reach out to a friend to see how they're doing. What is my hawaiian aumakua up on the news of the day.

Which of the following sounds like your dream trip? Going to a camp or workshop where you can learn something new Soaking up the history, politics and culture in a city like Washington, D.

Camping and spending some time taking in the great pock An organized group trip to work alongside and learn from another community Backpacking across Europe with friends It's movie night. What are you most likely to watch?

I want to know what everyone else is talking about. A comedy A sci-fi flick. Location Marquette University W.

What Major Fits Your Personality?

Major Quiz Answer the questions as they appear below and we'll analyze your results and show you which majors may be a good fit. I have multiple interests and a natural curiosity about the world. SLU's college major quiz has been helping students decide what to study for more than 10 years. Just answer a few quick questions about your interests, your schoolwork style and more, and our major quiz can pair you with nearly options. Which of the following sounds like your dream trip? Going to a camp or workshop where you can learn something new Soaking up the history, politics and culture in a city like Washington, D.C.

Enterprising people are go-getters. They like to come up with new ideas and start new things. They are very competitive and highly enterprising. They may be very persuasive talkers and they may be overly aggressive when trying to get their way. Persistence often pays off for enterprising people. Enterprising people like to make money and have nice things. They are often popular, sometimes demanding, and usually motivating.

They can argue and debate well. Artistic people are intuitive and often know what others are up to. They don't have dozens of friends, but they have a few very close friends. They don't like to work in very restrictive environments. Instead, they prefer to hear about new ideas and try out new things.

Artistic personality types are most comfortable in an environment where they have the ability to hibernate and create. Any environment that requires monotonous, repetitive, unvarying activity day after day would be a bad fit for the artistic type.

Additionally, any environment that restricts movement or involves close supervision would be a poor fit. Social people make great teachers! They are great with people because they are open and friendly, and they care about others. They are cooperative, which makes them good in many programs and careers.

They may always be in the center of activity and they are likely to have lots of friends. They are interested in social issues, and they are likely to become politically active. They may use social skills to influence others. Since you are a people person, you may want to steer clear of jobs that are too solitary, such as:.

Realistic people are practical, physical, usually pretty fit, and hard-working. They may like to work outdoors, in a broad range of areas. Realistic people enjoy nature and may like to work in the forest, on building sites, on a police force, or on a farm.

Realistic people are curious and they like to see how things work. They make great engineers. They are reliable and a bit traditional. Investigative people are good at getting to the bottom of things. They like to solve problems and find answers.

They are strong in math and science, or could be if they tried. They are good at drawing maps, making charts, and working with formulas. Investigative people like to explore and challenge ideas — even those that are long-held beliefs. They may not be comfortable working in groups. They are analytical, curious, and original. Conventional people are fond of history and they like to observe holidays. They are traditional and they like to know exactly what is expected of them in every situation.

They are practical and very structured. Conventional people might be good at math, but they may not want to work with numbers a lot. They can usually fit into any group, but they don't necessarily want to lead all the time. They are not too interested in talking about feelings or deep relationships. Share Flipboard Email. Grace Fleming. Education Expert. Updated October 22, As far as the ideal work environment:. Correct Wrong. My friends would say I am known for:.

I am happy when I'm:. When working on a group project, I'm this guy:. I work best when I work:. My idea of a job well done is:. In pioneer days I would have been:. I am easily hooked on:. How to Choose the Right College Major. Opportunities for Leadership in College. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our.

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