How to make wire angel pins

how to make wire angel pins

Wire Angel Pendant (Tutorial)

How to Make Bead Angels With Safety Pins Step 1. Open your 12 safety pins and place four 4mm white beads on each, closing them once the beads are on. Step 2. Cut 14cm of wire and thread the heads of the safety pins and the 6mm white beads on the wire, alternating the Step 3. Thread another 14cm. from the back chose (in this case) 3 wire loops and pull up to the side to form a wing, repeat on the other side, pinch and pull the remaining loops to form the "skirt". Depending on how many original loops you made you could add more loops to the wings and bend each a little different to give it more form or give the skirt more of a 3d aspect.

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Safety pins and beautiful red and green beads come together to bring these Sweet Safety Pin Angels to life. Because they're made from an often-overlooked household item, these budget-friendly DIY angel ornaments are a sight to behold. Get into the spirit of the season with a how to make wire angel pins yet rewarding Christmas angel craft. These little cherubs are so tiny that you can keep them in your car or at your desk. They'll remind you that Christmas isn't very far away!

For more angel craft ideas, take a look at our collection of 35 Ways to Make an Angel Before Christmas. Be the first to upload your own image for this project! I have not made this yet so I cannot rate it. Click the button above or drag and drop images onto the button. You can upload two images. We are adding your Comments.

Do you remember when we used to put beads on safety pins like this and fasten them to our shoes? I love this craft because it makes me all nostalgic. I like that you can use up some items you have laying around. I know I always seem to have too many craft items in my house. I can get rid of a few this way.

I absolutely love these! I collect angels and never would have thought I'd like them in Christmas red and green. We make ornaments every year in my family and these are a perfect fit. I remember safety pin ornaments from years ago but never made any myself. This is definitely going on my to do list. This is an easy pattern. I think I'd attempt some in blue and silver too. It is a traditional color my mother had on our tree and she still has it for herself.

What colors would you use? This always blows me away. It's so pretty and as the title says, it's sweet. And it's safety pins and beads. It can't get much cheaper or easier to make. And if you don't want them in red and green, think about other colors like silver, gold or white. Thank you for sharing. Oh my goodness! This DIY is a blast from the past. I remember making these angels with my Grandmother when I was just a little girl.

I have always loved how they look. They are so sweet hanging on the tree or tucked into a wreath. They are how to boost windows 7 startup speed wonderful little charms to hang next to name tags on gifts.

These angels are what river do the great lakes flow into cinch to make and don't cost very much.

Doesn't look like safety pins at first glance. This an excellent idea for some Christmas decor. Maybe not just for Christmas. Amazing how these safety pins turned into something unique and beautiful and useful. These are so lovely to hang on the tree. They are bright and colorful and simply angelic to look at. This project looks fun and I can even get my teens involved in it.

Great one to start on this summer. It is amazing how much you can make out of something so little like safety pins and beads! These are so stinkin' cute!

Such wonderful pictures too with this step by step tutorial. I am sure I can make them. I am needing new ornaments for handing out and these would be the perfect size! I swear that fate wants me to make these. I reached into my desk drawer looking for paper clips and pulled out a small plastic box.

I thought they were my clips. But it turned out to be safety pins. Then How to make wire angel pins logged onto this site and how to draw the slytherin logo first thing I saw was this. If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is. I remember making these when I was in Girl scouts. I love this and I'm so happy you shared this how to.

The pattern is well written and just great! Thank you so much for this free pattern. Dear cahouston54, To view the pattern, you must click on the "Click here for project instructions" link, which is listed just below the level of difficulty.

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Introduction: Wire Angel

- Learn how to make an angel ornament out of wire. This easy diy Christmas nativity ornament is a perfect addition to your Christmas tree. Oct 29, - Explore Pegi Anderson's board " WIRE ANGELS", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about wire crafts, wire jewelry, beads and wire pins. Apr 11,  · In Jewelry Making, headpins are often used to create earring dangles that feature beads or gemstones. They can also be used to create bead or charm links us.

All Rights Reserved. Use a cup bur, wire rounder, jewelry file, or knife sharpening stone to smooth and round your wire ends:. But first, to make sure those loops will be the same size, use your Sharpie pen to make a mark near the tip of one jaw of your round nose pliers:. Your wire should be on the mark you just drew on your pliers:. Roll the wire end into a loop:. Move to the other end of your wire and make an identical loop, so that both loops face the same direction:.

Use the fingers of your other hand to press the wire ends straight downward, creating a horse-shoe shape in the wire — with your wire mark in the center of the horse-shoe:. Move to the other end of your wire and make an identical horse-shoe bend on the first mark at that end.

Now use your flat nose pliers to grip the wire right beside the last wire mark:. Keep bending the wire until the wings are symmetrically positioned at the top of the angel:. Sprinkle a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a scrap of paper towel to remove your Sharpie ink marks from your wire and pliers:. Thread the wire X-shape onto tiny jump ring:. Your angel should now look like this, with the tiny jump ring her neck attaching the large jump ring her head to the top of her gown:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

All Rights Reserved This wire angel pendant is simple to make — and angels are always popular. Her body and wings are formed from a single piece of wire. Her neck, head, and halo are made with three jump rings. Her simple, uncluttered design is part of her charm. I used an antiqued copper jump ring, size 10 mm. I used a copper jump ring, size 5 mm.

I used a shiny brass jump ring, size 9 mm. Chain or cord for wearing your pendant. Wire cutter. Cup bur, wire rounder, jewelry file, or knife sharpening stone — for smoothing and rounding your wire ends. Regular-size black permanent marker Sharpie — for marking your wire, and to use as a mandrel. Ruler — for measuring and marking your wire. Round nose pliers. Flat nose pliers. Chain nose pliers.

Rubbing alcohol and a scrap of paper towel — to remove the Sharpie ink from your wire and pliers. Use your round nose pliers to grasp the tip of one end of your wire. Place your thumb over the wire mark, and hold the wire in place against the Sharpie: Use the fingers of your other hand to press the wire ends straight downward, creating a horse-shoe shape in the wire — with your wire mark in the center of the horse-shoe: Move to the other end of your wire and make an identical horse-shoe bend on the first mark at that end.

Both horseshoes should face the same direction. Now your wire should look like this: Hold your wire with the horse-shoes curving upward. Caution: Do NOT hammer the spot where the wires cross, or they may break. Use your flat nose and chain nose pliers to twist open the tiny jump ring. Thread the wire X-shape onto tiny jump ring: The use your pliers to twist the jump ring shut.

Your angel should now look like this, with the tiny jump ring her neck attaching the large jump ring her head to the top of her gown: Now we can attach her halo to her head. To wear it, simply slide the halo onto a chain or cord: Shares. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 55 comments. Leave a Reply: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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