How to make a lovey blanket

how to make a lovey blanket

Sleepy Bunny Lovey – Free Crochet Pattern

L ooking for a perfect baby gift? These Crochet Animal Lovey Blanket Patterns are perfect and will certainly earn you plenty of kudos.. A toy, blanket, and decorative pillow all in one, these crochet patterns are so much fun to make. We recently shared something similar with our knitters and they loved them. Choose from sheep, unicorn, fox, and more! Grab your hook and Pin your faves! Introducing a baby lovey may sound like a great first step toward sleep training, but you should actually avoid giving baby a security blanket to sleep with until they’ve turned one. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to keep their kids’ cribs blankie-free for the first 12 months due to the serious threat of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Happy Crocheting! Type and Hit enter. Welcome to Daisy Farm Crafts! Sign up for new blog posts and free crochet pattern releases straight to your inbox! Crochet Livey Block Stitch Blanket. Modern Crochet Gingham Baby Blanket.

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Crochet Pig Lovey Blanket

Aug 31,  · See classic way of making snuggle blanket – our free pattern for Puppy Baby Lovey!. EDIT: / pattern for bunny head was rewritten and minor mistakes were removed.. SAVE IT IN FAVORITES ON RAVELRY. or follow me on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM. This lovey is double-sided, thanks to two identical blankets joined together at the edges. Apr 24,  · Sun portion of lovey is made using my seamless method, you can find the tutorial HERE if you have any questions following the pattern; PATTERN Dutch Translation available You are my Sunshine Print Friendly Dutch Translation. Round 1: Starting with Bright Yellow. Ch6. Sl st to join ring. *SH. Ch3. Repeat from * three more times. Mar 17,  · Below you will also find a blanket size chart so you can make this double stitch blanket in eight different sizes. Crochet blanket sizes to chose from are lovey, stroller, receiving, baby, throw, full, queen and king. Do you want to know the best part of this pattern? Every size blanket .

Browse through our entire collection to find your newest project today! Are you looking for a fun but easy to crochet chevron pattern? Look no further! You can learn how to make a 70s style, easy, chevron crochet blanket pattern today with the free chevron blanket tutorial below! If you can single crochet, then you can make this blanket in no time at all. Read on to get started, and you can start enjoying this simple chevron pattern. If you would love more free chevron crochet pattern designs, then you should also try my neutral chevron pattern , chevron dishcloth pattern, or browse eight of my chevron pattern favorites.

I am so excited for you to try this chevron stitch crochet design! It is so fun to work up, is an effortless project, and looks fantastic as a blanket. I know that you will love this pattern as much as I do!

This pattern is perfect to keep for yourself or to make as a gift. This classic yet fun pattern is easy to love! This single crochet chevron blanket is easy, and it is a blanket that you must make.

The main reason that I love this blanket is because it is made with a simple, beginner-friendly stitch. The single crochet stitch is a basic stitch. This stitch is super easy to master, which makes learning a chevron pattern using this stitch easy! This single stitch crochet chevron pattern is so easy to learn.

This easy chevron pattern is excellent for those who are new to crochet or those who are experienced with crochet and are looking to try something a little different. Either way, you will love it! I promise! The simple stitch repeat, not to mention single crochet, is one that you can absolutely master in no time at all. This is another excellent and easy to learn chevron pattern, if you are in the mood to make more chevron blankets.

The best type of yarn for this chevron blanket is a worsted weight yarn or medium four weight yarn. The many options for colors to choose from will allow you to make your chevron blanket truly yours!

The color choices will also make it easy to customize this blanket as a gift. Need a substitute yarn? It has the same weight as the Impeccable Yarn and comes in a lot of the same colors. I do not think you will be disappointed with either yarn choice.

For this single crochet, chevron blanket pattern, we will be crocheting in just the back loop of each stitch. This will create an excellent ridged texture in your chevron blanket.

The back loop is easy to find on a stitch. If you are looking at a stitch from the top, you will see the two loops. You will want to work into the loop that is furthest away from you, which is the back loop! You will need to use a starting chain in a multiple of seventeen to start. Then, you will chain an additional fifteen to whatever length of starting chain you picked to start your blanket.

This is the perfect blanket to customize to just the size you need! You can use this blanket sizes chart to get a perfect size for your chevron blanket every time. The purpose for your blanket will influence the size that you want to make. If you are making the blanket for a baby, you can easily review the chart to help you choose a smaller size. You can also use the chart as a helpful tool to help make a larger blanket to better suit your needs.

I recommend anyone who is new to crochet to give this easy, chevron blanket pattern a try, and these blankets, too. This pattern is full of simple, single crochet stitches throughout and is the perfect beginner project.

To spice up this easy, chevron blanket pattern, I added a bit of texture by crocheting only in the back loop of every stitch. This creates a ridge and gives the blanket a bit more character. This is a win-win! ROW 1: 1 Sc in 2nd chain from hook. ROW 2: Working in back loops only see picture below and throughout the rest of the pattern. Pick up a loop in each of the two stitches you will be crocheting together, yarn over, and draw through all 3 loops on hook. ROW 2 continued: 1 Sc in next 5 stitches.

Skip next 2 Sc. Sc2tog in the last 2 stitches, turn. If you decide to make a blanket with this chevron pattern and need help with changing colors, check out my tutorial on how to change yarn colors in crochet. If you are new to changing colors in a pattern, this tutorial will be very helpful to you.

I hope you enjoyed this single crochet chevron blanket pattern. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below or on our Facebook Community.

We are always posting about our lastest creations. Thanks for stopping by! So just to be clear, I did row 1, row 2 and row 3. Now do I just keep repeating row 3 till the end of the Afghan? Thanks, Lisa. I love this pattern. I would like to crochet a throw 36 inches by Could you tell me how many chains I would need?

Hi Cathy, We have a free tool that can help. I am pretty new to crochet and my daughter wanted a zig zag blanket. This is my first big project. My stitches seem to be adding up and finishing fine, so maybe this is normal? Make sure you are chaining 1 then skipping the first st in row 2, then sc2tog. I want to make a queen size blanket could you tell me how many stitches I need? I would also like to know how you figured it out please.

Hi Annette, I use this method. The first row says it starts with 1 sc, did you mean sc2tog? It does note come out right like it does in the video that indicates you should start with sc2tog. Hi Jennifer, I do not have a video for this chevron design. Maybe the video was for one of my other chevron patterns. Hello, trying the find the colors you used. Found all but the tan next to the chocolate. Can you please share that color. Thank you.

Hi Brittany, I believe it was the color soft taupe. Hi Krista! Thanks for replying I appreciate it very much! I started my chevron afghan and at the end of my 2nd row I realized something.

Do you put your hook through the two top yarns per stitch when doing the single crochet stitch? You did it right. Right under row 2 in the pattern instructions is a picture where I show the back loop of the stitch. Dint understand sc together? Help please. I updated the pattern with a little more detail of each step of the single crochet 2 together step. I also have a video tutorial coming soon! Hi Krista Thanks for sharing your ripple crochet Afghan!

Wish me luck! I want to make an edge do you have patterns for an edge? You are welcome! I do have a post about picot borders that would look great on this blanket!

Hi, A few questions — is row 3 and all following rows supposed to be done in the back loop as well? And once we finish row 3, we just continue the row 3 steps for the rest of the blanket right? Sorry for my confusion. Hi, From row 2 on, it is worked in the back loops.

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