How to know what kind of ram to buy

how to know what kind of ram to buy

How to Choose the Correct RAM Upgrade

Find out about upgrading your computer's memory (RAM). Get advice on compatibility and upgrading your system's current components. Award-winning tech support. Mar 10, Your computers motherboard will also determine RAM capacity, as it has a limited number of dual in-line memory module slots (DIMM slots) which is where you plug in the RAM. Computer RAM modules are standardized by the DDR form factor. Motherboards support only one, and which one mostly depends on how old your motherboard is.

Question from Chris V. How can I find out which type of RAM to buy for each computer? But luckily our friends over at Crucial. At this point you can easily choose an upgrade option from the list and purchase it from Crucial on the spot. As you can see, the wonderful folks at Crucial make it easy to find out exactly what you need to purchase in order to upgrade the RAM in any PC! Bonus tip: Want to make sure you never miss one of my tips?

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Desktop RAM

Jun 06, Check the motherboard manufacturers specifications for supported speeds and buy accordingly. Higher speeds have the most impact if youre using integrated graphics. If . Jun 12, The file youre looking for should be the first one in the list. The System Scanner tool will now scan your PCs hardware to determine what kind of RAM your system uses, how much is currently installed and what your upgrade options are (if any). To find out the type of computer RAM for your iMac: Click the Apple Menu Click About This Mac Click More Info Here there will be 4 top tabs Click Memory.

Many modern slim laptops also have their memory soldered to the motherboard. So be sure to check your manual before making any buying decisions.

Content creators and enthusiasts heavily into multitasking may want to consider more. For details on rated clock speed measured in MHz and timings listed as a series of numbers, like , you can check our frequency and timings primer , were we also look at how the number of ranks or banks of memory on a given stick or kit of memory can significantly affect real-world performance.

A list of approved DDR4 modes is frequently updated on Wikipedia. Every current kit with enhanced timings requires XMP to automatically configure those timings, and the above-linked Wikipedia entry should help you figure out if those timings are standard or XMP.

Those who chose not to take that risk may want to check out the CPU-Z screenshots of our memory reviews and pick from one of those kits.

After tracking a similar phenomenon on Intel processors for several years , our Ryzen memory deep-dive detailed how having two ranks of memory per channel offers a significant performance benefit to some applications. We also know from our PC Memory article that two ranks per channel can be achieved by either doubling the number of modules or using modules with two ranks. Reasons to choose the later include leaving expansion room in the empty slots of boards that have two per channel, or getting the benefit of two ranks from boards that have only one slot per channel.

So, for the best performance, opt for two modules for a dual-channel board or four for a quad-channel board. Those who can afford modules that have twice as many chips will benefit from both the extra capacity and a slight performance boost in certain applications. The recent re-introduction of 32GB desktop DIMMs means that you can even get 64GB from just two modules or GB from four, without worrying about whether your board supports pricier server memory.

You may need to update your BIOS first. We have reviewed several of these boards and noticed that most retail parts include Intel XMP. CAS 15 timings appear to be the quickest of currently-available parts. The market for enhanced-performance memory at this data rate is so small that the lowest latency we can find among current products is CAS The beauty of DDR is that it runs at a whole ratio, 11x Because it worked so well, memory at this data rate was widely available at CAS But then a rumor started floating around that DDR was the sweet spot for series Ryzen processors, and manufacturers quickly began programming these modules to DDR to meet the new demand.

Price ratio is based on the cheapest kit in each configuration. Limited availability. Topics Memory. See all comments It did take several hours of trial and error going through all the timings. Detailed look at my settings is in my forum signature. Great article!. But at the end of the article is a link to " Best Memory ".

But some of the options are no longer available or headed that way. Is it possible to update the recommended "best memory" list? Great article actually, a great series of articles pertaining to memory. I purchased a G. The process is long and can be tedious unless one has a mind-set filled with patience and the joy of discovery.

I learned a lot, and am grateful for your and AMD's timely articles on the matter. Thanks again! My mainboard asrock z97 Killer says it can use up to OC ddr3 memory, then i saw that the intel K processor works on maximum mhz.

Is that all i can get from ddram? Anton, let me react to your post from Saturday note 5 here. I can't believe that kit rated at won't run at Something else must went wrong in cooperation with your Ryzen5 , maybe a combination of motherboard and Ryzen itself newest BIOS installed? Similar thing, spending couple of days, happens quite often to my friends who are trying to find the holy grail, the maximum speed their memory can run at.

They spend dozens of hours testing, changing and re-testing their configurations They lurk for the last 4 fps difference in games, which is honestly meaningless - in real life, it doesn't matter if you have fps or fps. It doesn't matter if your render finishes in 29 minutes 43 seconds or 29 minutes 11 seconds. While we learn a lot by trying things like this, never forget - there's the real life out there. I'm confused; can someone clarify? Based on my understanding of the relationship between ranks and channels to performance and stability, the ideal would be one dual rank DIMM per channel or, if necessary, two single rank DIMMs.

But is the article suggesting 4 and 8 rank DIMMs for quad channels? I'm guessing the latter but wanted to confirm. Thanks a ton for the speedy clarification! It's taken me a lot of cross-eyed reading for my focus-challenged brain to get this far in understanding RAM.

I'm working on a new build and I may have dived a bit too deep in trying to understand stuff on a more technical level. Works with most Z and Z motherboards.

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