How to embroider on towels

how to embroider on towels

Embroidered Towel Tutorial

May 18, †Ј Use the Hatch Embroidery software feature УAuto-FabricsФ to pre-set your design to the type of towel you are using. Simply select your type of fabric and it will adjust the stitch settings to best sew on that fabric! Just one of the many amazing features in the Hatch Embroidery software. Sep 05, †Ј Towels have quite a bit of nap, so a thin letter will get lost in the texture of a towel. Pick a font with some thickness when you embroider on a towel. Always use a water soluble topper when embroidering on a towel. This material will hold down the towel fibers so that you can achieve adequate coverage with your embroidery.

For tips, how-tos, loads of inspiration and access to towrls resource library full of free machine embroidery designs and PDF patterns. If you were a fly on the wall in my house, you may be under the ebmroider that my children were living in a homeless shelter based how to embroider on towels the way they complain about their towels. The problem is that they are used to seeing a lot of monogrammed towels coming out of my sewing room and then getting gifted to other people.

So, naturally, they have a bit hkw towel envy, and are requesting to get in on the action. Ok Ч I figured Ч this is not a problem. If you are new to machine embroidery, towels are a great beginner project. Towels are flat which makes them easy to float on a piece of hooped stabilizer. Towels are also gow cheap, too, especially if you start with dollar store kitchen towels. You can even get bath towels pretty inexpensively as well. Towels also are a great go-to gift.

The are especially suitable for wedding ln engagement gifts. Monogrammed towels are also a great way to class up your own home decor using your embroidery machine.

A bathroom will look a lot more elegant with a set of monogrammed towels hanging from your towel racks. What is a pro se motion be mindful of the embroidery font you choose, because it can really help set the tone for your bathroom decor.

The biggest mistake you can make when embroidering on towels is to try to hoop them go I have done Ч so dumb. Towels are thick and are therefore very difficult to get into an embroidery hoop Ч especially straight. But Ч there is no need to hoop a towel when you can float it so easily. Floating means that you hoop a piece of tearaway stabilizer and stick the towel to the stabilizer. Another common mistake is to towdls to thin tosels a typeface for the name or monogram you are embroidering on a towel.

Towels have quite a bit of nap, so a thin letter will get lost in the texture of a towel. Pick a towdls with some thickness when you embroider on a towel. Always use a water soluble topper when embroidering on a towel. This material will hold down the towel fibers so that you can achieve adequate coverage with your embroidery. If you are embroidering some towels for your kids, then stitching out their name in a decorative typeface usually fits the embroier.

I usually choose a whimsical script for my girls, but just making user the typeface is thick enough to hold up over the towels. When it comes to embroidering on towels for a couple, then I either stitch out a single initial monogram or towelss complete monogram. I monogrammed all my towels incorrectly initially until I read up on monogram etiquette. There are loads of fun designs how to uninstall facebook app on ipad kitchen towels.

And while bath towels tend to be a bit more formal, you can still have a bit of fun with them. Of course, you can embroider a name or a monogram wherever the heck you want on a towel.

On beach towels, for example, I often like to stitch out a name along the bottom right corner of a towel parallel to the long side. But, if you are embroidering a name or a monogram on a bath or a hand towel that is intended to be hung from a towel rod in the ti, then you probably want the monogram to be prominently positioned when folded over the rod.

You will find that a lot of towels have border elements, so you will embroidwr to position the monogram above them. Ready to get to it? The first step you should pn is to securely hoop a piece of adhesive backed stabilizer with the embroiddr side up. Then, emrboider around the inside edge of the hoop with a pin to create a tear in that top paper layer of the stabilizer.

Gently peel back the paper to expose the sticky surface. Embroiderr, draw the horizontal and vertical center lines on the hooped stabilizer using a how to use debit card online sbi and a disappearing ink pen. Fold the towel in half along its vertical center with the right sides together.

Then remove the ruler and mark the spot with a disappearing embrpider pen. Keeping the towel folded in half, align the fold line with the center line of the hooped stabilizer. Unfold the towel and smooth it e,broider. The water soluble how to remove programs on imac prevents towel fibers from popping through your stitches. Make sure that the bottom of your presser foot is clean before you do this, though.

Back when I was using a lot of temporary adhesivemy presser foot would get quite sticky. Once I started stitching, it would stick to my water soluble topper and drag it around. I solved this problem by rubbing the bottom of my presser foot with some rubbing alcohol.

Just keep an eye on the embroidery machine. Once the stitching is done, you can either pick away the water soluble topper or spritz it with a bit of water to make it dissolve. Trim your strings with a nipper and you are done! Go for it! I promise, you will get the hang of it in no time!

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Top 10 Tips for Embroidering on Towels

Dec 31, †Ј Once you feel like your project is lined up, unfold the other side. Press your towel firmly to the stabilizer so that it sticks nicely in place. Next, take your towel and the hoop over to your embroidery machine (I use the Baby Lock Unity Sewing and Embroidery Machine) and attach the hoop according to your machines instructions. Tool Tip: Embroidery & Towels. Share. Embroider like a pro! This Tool Tip video highlights stabilizer and hooping techniques for achieving beautiful embroidery on towels. Share. Similar projects. Circle of Courage Quilt Appliqued circles and interlocking rings provide the foundation for this quilt. LEARN MORE. Just EMBROIDER It: ArtLink Basics.

Sewing Machine Fun is reader-supported! If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This tutorial will specifically focus on embroidering a terry cloth towel. Terry cloth is a woven fabric with loops of thread on top. With towels, you do need to know a few key tips to ensure success, though. First, you need to get together all your embroidery supplies.

Above is my very first embroidery project ever. It was a huge failure as you can tell! My little skinny letters got lost! Because towels have nap or pile the fuzzy surface on top , you want to choose a design that is dense enough to show up amidst the loops of the terry cloth.

Simple designs with bold elements are perfect, but thin designs are not! Usually, I like to monogram towels or add floral embroidery designs. If you absolutely want a thin, delicate design or have a very fluffy towel, you CAN use a knockdown stitch underneath it to flatten the towel loops before adding a design that may get lost otherwise. Below is a robe I embroidered with a knockdown stitch first.

If you want to learn more, check out the post what is an embroidery knockdown design and how to use one. Also, if you are creating your towel monogram or design with an embroidery program, check if it lets you select the fabric you are using. This helps the program increase or decrease stitch density to best fit your fabric selection. If you plan to monogram a towel or add an initial to the towel, you want to think about design placement.

Here are the general rules I follow for monogram placement:. It is important to prewash, and thus preshrink, your towel. Since I wash my towels on hot and dry on medium, this is how I washed my towel in preparation. If your towel has a tag on it, make sure to remove it. Either that or let it be on the back of the towel on the opposite side you decide to embroider on. You also need to determine where on your towel you want your design.

For an involved design, you can print the design out from software, cut it, and then place it on the top of the towel to help determine design location. Since I embroidered initials and a monogram on my towels in this tutorial, I just marked the location by doing simple math and marking the center. I mark the center with a blue fabric pen, which will wash out with water after the embroidery is done. The intersection of my two lines below will be the center of my monogram.

Several types of stabilizers will work on the back of towels. The choice will depend on your intended use of the towel, the thickness of the towel, and also the design you choose.

First, you need to consider the type of stabilizer you need: tearaway, cutaway, or wash-away. For thin and medium-weight towels without much stretch , a tearaway stabilizer will work great. The nice thing about tearaway stabilizers is they are easy to work with and inexpensive.

They also tear away after use. Even with a trim close to the edge of your stitches, it will be visible from the back. Pick the stabilizer weight based on your towel thickness and sturdiness as well as your design density. I used a mediumweight stabilizer for my towels in this tutorial, which worked great. And lastly, you need to decide if you want fusible or non-fusible stabilizer. Fusible stabilizers can be adhered to the back of your towel using your iron.

Non-fusible stabilizer can be adhered using a temporary fabric adhesive. I am using a non-fusible stabilizer in this tutorial. So, for my thinner towels, I found the best stabilizer for machine embroidery on towels was medium-weight tearaway stabilizer.

It works great! I like to use precut sheets purely for convenience. Any terry towel or towel with nap will need a water-soluble topping or stabilizer on top of it.

This will stabilize the stitches and prevent them from sinking into the nap of the towel. This water-soluble topping will lay on top of the towel itself. One of the reasons you need a nice, sharp needle for this project is so it will pierce through this topping well.

If I can fit an item into my hoop, I always hoop it. In my experience, hooping provides more stability, and it is easier for me to line up an embroidery design inside the hoop.

Check out my how to hoop fabric for embroidery tutorial if you need extra help. Hooping only works for thin towels, though. To hoop everything, I first adhered my tearaway stabilizer to the back of the towel using a very light layer of temporary fabric adhesive.

Be careful not to drench the stabilizer or towel in adhesive or you will end up pulling some of the loops on the back when you remove your tearaway later. If you are unable to hoop your towel due to thickness or preference, you can place it on top of your hooped stabilizer. Ways to then keep the floated towel from moving during embroidery are using self-adhesive sticky stabilizer, adding a basting box , or even pinning in place, for example. Read: how to float fabric for machine embroidery for tips!

Attach your hoop to your embroidery machine and get everything set up. Make sure the part of the towel not being embroidered is not underneath any part of your hoop. This is something I learned way too late in my embroidery journey and cost me a lot of time trying to be perfect with hooping!

I like to preview my design first with my machine to see where it is going to stitch. This gives me an idea if I have hooped the design properly. For instance, if you have an initial centered in the middle of your onscreen embroidery design but you want the base at the bottom of your hoop, you need to move your hoop up or move the design down onscreen.

I hope this makes sense! Once your towel is done, remove it from the hoop. You will probably see hoop marks on the side if you hooped it securely. These marks will wash out, can be fluffed out, or pressed out with Magic Spray sizing. Sometimes, removing the jump stitches is easier when the water-soluble topping is on the towel still.

Then, to remove the water-soluble topping, just tear it off. No need to be perfect about this. The rest will dissolve when you place your towel in water or in its first wash cycle. To remove the tearaway stabilizer, gently tear it away from the back. It may take a little more effort if you adhered the stabilizer to the back of the towel.

It will be a cleaner tear after your first wash if you want to save the little pieces to tear off then. And lastly, if you marked with a water-soluble pen, this will also disappear when you dip your towel in water or launder it again. You now have successfully embroidered a terrycloth towel!

Go hang it in your house proudly or save it to gift! I love to embroider monogrammed towels as wedding gifts. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. This was a very informative article. I appreciate it very much. Thank you so much!!! Robin Clark. This was so helpful for a beginner! Do you clip all the jump threads on the back of the towel as well?

You do have to be careful what you clip on the back, too, as some stitches there may help keep parts of your design from later unraveling.

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