How to curl your hair with a flat iron straightener

how to curl your hair with a flat iron straightener

The Ultimate Guide to Curling Hair With a Straightener

Clamp the hair and rotate the iron back slightly. Slide the iron along the strand and continue to rotate the iron for a total of one-half of a turn. Keep lots of tension on the hair. Think of scissoring a ribbon to curl it if you’re wrapping a gift. Release the flat iron before you reach the end. Feb 17,  · Here is a great project that we finished on how to curl your hair three different ways using a flat iron or hair straightener. I show a few simple flat iron.

You probably only break out your flat iron when you want to sear your hair into a smooth, frizz-free coif. But like the beauty version of a Swiss Army knife, a straightener can be used to MacGyver your strands into loads of different styles.

Want to fake blowout bends? Lusting after old Hollywood waves? Grab that iron to create quick curls. For each, Santiago recommends using a flat iron with standard 1-inch plates on the highest temperature your hair can tolerate and saturating dry always dry strands with a how to make a baby monitor protectant beforehand she likes the Philip B. Thermal Protection Spray. A post shared by Mia Santiago how to install phpmyadmin ubuntu server. For a sophisticated look, hold the end of each section gently and create big dips in the hair, going back over any creases with your iron to smooth them and curling the ends under a bit.

Then spritz on a shine enhancing spray like Sexy Hair Vibrant Sexy Hair Rose Elixir and run a comb through your locks to smooth flyaways. Craving an even how to make rainbow loom flowers, almost crimped look?

Santiago recommends pulling the sections of hair even more firmly and rocking your iron more rapidly to create the highest number of bends possible. You can get a more pronounced shape by using smaller sections of hair and weaving the hair through your flat iron in more dramatic, deeper "S" shapes.

For that look, spritz on your wave spray and separate your hair with your fingers. Texture spray can be used on the looser style to create soft movement. Feed a section of hair through your open flat iron, clamp the plates down about an inch or two from your roots, and then wrap the section around the iron once, sliding it down the length of the section. A softer result can be achieved by keeping the iron horizontal and holding the end of each section taut as you slide the tool down its length.

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Feb 23,  · Gather a small vertical section. Use your fingers to twist the strand from roots to ends. Wrap the twisted section into a pin curl. Using a good amount of tension, press down on the pin curl with a flat iron for four seconds. Apr 22,  · How To Curl Hair Using Straightener |Curl Hair With Flat Iron #shorts #ytshorts #hairstyle #tutorialHi everyone! In this video I will be showing you easy and.

Last Updated: March 28, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Gina Almona. She has been able to keep a fresh perspective in the industry by demonstrating and participating in trade shows and workshops like the International Beauty Show.

There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has 17 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 4,, times. Curling hair with a straightener can create full and bouncy curls that won't look like ringlets. It takes a little practice, but once you get the technique down, you will look amazing and practically red-carpet ready. Follow along to learn how to get the beautiful curls you've always wanted — without using a curling iron.

Which part of your hair should you spray with a heat protectant before using the straightener? Not quite! You should try to spray more than just the ends of your hair with a heat protectant. While the ends of your hair tend to be more vulnerable to damage than other parts, you'll still want to protect more of your hair.

You should spray more than the top layers with a heat protectant. Only reaching the top layers leaves your hair open to damage from the extreme heat of the straightener. It is essential that you reach every part of your hair with the heat protectant.

Heat styling tools can do significant damage to your hair if you don't use some form of protection, so you should always try to spray each section with the heat protectant before you curl it, especially if you have thick hair. Read on for another quiz question. If you want big, soft curls at the ends of your hair, which method of using a straightener should you try?

The flicks method is the best method to achieve bigger and softer curls just at the bottom of your hair. To do the flicks method, start the half-turn halfway down your hair instead of at the top.

You won't have curls only at the ends of your hair with the curls method. Instead, the curls method will create curls and waves starting from the top of your hair going down to the ends. Try again Not exactly! The flat waves method won't create curls at the ends of your hair.

Instead, using the flat waves method will give you soft waves down the entire length of your hair. Try another answer Gina Almona. Alternatives to a flat iron are using a beach waver, curling iron, or curling wand. You can also pin your hair in rings before you go to sleep then take the pins out in the morning for wavy hair.

When should you apply hairspray to your hair to keep your curls from losing their original shape? You should avoid applying hairspray while you're in the middle of using the straightener. The hairspray you choose could damage the straightener or make it sticky, and your hair won't hold curls well. Applying hairspray after you pull away the straightener may preserve some of your curls' shape, but it isn't the best method. If you want the curls to hold the same shape that they have when they fall off the straightener, you should apply the hairspray at a different time.

Guess again! A light spritz of hairspray when you're all done can keep away any frizziness, but won't keep your curls in perfect condition. Instead, use hairspray when you're done with your whole head to keep your curls sleek and tight for the entire day. You should try to apply the hairspray directly before curling each section. This method creates a long-lasting curl that keeps its shape after it falls from the straightener.

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To curl your hair with a straightener, first brush your hair to remove any kinks or knots. Then, plug your straightener in and let it heat up. Grab a 1 to 2 inch 2. Twist the straightener degrees in the direction that you want to curl your hair. Wrap the end of your hair around the outside of the straightener in the same direction that you turned it. Now, lightly pull the straightener away from your head.

Hold the clamps gently together as you run it all the way through the ends of your hair. Finally, repeat this process on every other section of your hair that you want to curl. For more tips from our Cosmetologist co-author, like how to make waves or full curls in your hair, keep reading the article! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

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Article Summary. Part 1 of Start with clean and dry hair. Make sure to start with completely clean and dry hair. Wet hair won't curl at all and damp hair won't curl as well. The extra volume will keep your hair from looking too flat as you curl it. Use a thin flat iron. Your straightener should be about 1 to 2 inches 2. A flat, paddle-style iron also won't do curls. The best work faster, make your hair smoother and do less damage than poor-quality irons.

They can have a big impact on things like shine and the consistency of curls. If your hair is fine and thin, stick to the low end of the dial at below degrees. Normal hair can be ironed at to You can turn it up to to if your hair tends to be thick, coarse, or frizzy. Apply heat protectant. Applying a heat protectant or a thermal spray creates a protective barrier between the hair and the iron so that the hair doesn't "frizzle" and burn.

Spray all over your hair — no need to comb, as it should mist on and dry quickly. Also be sure to comb out any tangles in your hair before applying heat.

Part your hair into sections. You'll have better luck curling your hair if you section it instead of trying to attack the whole mess at once. Tie up the hair above your ears and put it in a bun on the top of your head.

It needs to be out of the way. Start at the bottom of your scalp, close to your ears and neck. Leave down as much hair as you can work with for your first "layer" of curls. A good rule is to work with 1 to 2 inch sections at a time. Pinup the rest. Again, clip up what you can't curl right now. Keep curling in layers. Part 1 Quiz Which part of your hair should you spray with a heat protectant before using the straightener?

The ends of your hair. The top layers of your hair. To each section as you reach it. Want more quizzes? Keep testing yourself! Part 2 of

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