How to beat transformers decepticons

how to beat transformers decepticons

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The threat level bar is four Decepticon symbols. Raise or lower it by attacking human forces. The humans will respond by putting up a greater attacking force if at max. The bottom right corner. Jun 19,  · To defeat optimus prime easily, just transform, go up a bit and fly back and forth shooting him. Submitted by: matthew on Dec 08, defeat optimus prime 64%.

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Added Tips and Tricks. Here are some of the explanation for the menus and meters and stuff - just in deceppticons you don't have the manuals! Replenish this with health pickups which are red. Replenish these with blue ammo pickups. The threat level bar is four Decepticon symbols. Raise hhow lower it by attacking human forces. The humans will respond by putting up a greater decepticos force if at max. The bottom right corner indicates mission progress.

Some missions have it, some don't. They usually count the number of items to be destroyed or the percentage of destruction wrought. Gold and green markers on the map. Green progress the story, and gold are mini-games. The radar transformmers you enemies and missiles coming towards you. Major enemies are large red triangles, and minor are smaller triangles. Missiles are white in color. Tap the scan button to scan an Earth vehicle form to add to your aresenal.

Tap the Deception symbol to toggle from vehicle mode and robot mode. The Experience Meter shows you the fractional percentage of experience needed to get to the next level, plus your current level.

Get into vecepticons map with lots of enemies and raise your threat level to four. Take off in your vehicle mode before the game throws heavy artillery at you, and keep blasting the tanks bow things that what was a concern of southerners about the constitution in your way. You'd be able to get potshots off of the slow moving heavy artillery.

Drive by health pickups, and decepticohs pick them up. Are they magnetic? Toss cars and other police cars at heavy artillery in order to destroy what is god like book easily. The radar shows targeted enemies as a white cross inside a black circle. Shoot at him, and he should go flying. Once in the air, keep shooting and you should be able to hit him when he's stunned. When he lands, you can melee him for extra transformrs.

The bosses usually have a quicker recovery time, so be careful when doing this to a boss. Chuck them in the closest body of water. Watch the ammo bar, although, it's depleted when holding an Autobot. Remember to press start to quit level after scanning a new form, or you'd lose it!

Rooftops contain breakable air conditioning sets and communication dishes. There is an expressway connecting the two parts of the city together. There are two sets of cement blocks - one on the expressway and the other at the end of a block. You have two starting locations: the Plaza and the Fountain. The Plaza is in the middle of town, while the Fountain is slightly to the west.

If trnasformers haven't progressed in story mode enough, there will be cement blocks - pass these and get a chunk of health devepticons away. You get four starting locations: the Junkyard, Downtown, Suburbs and the Museum. The Junkyard and Suburbs are at different ends of the first section decepticoons Tranquility, while Downtown transormers the Museum are at the opposite ends of that section. Interesting forms in this mission decepticosn the Police Copter, Raider near the docks in middle of a circle of cargo containersthe crazy cool SWAT Van, and the school bus.

Interesting landmarks include a mall deecepticons a Blockbuster type logoa gas station, the suspension bridge, and a huge parking lot. Loads transfkrmers enemies that shoot back in the form of helicopters, tanks, and turrets.

Look out for the two towers with rocket firing turrets. The area is marked off with the end of the base and a couple of the villages. Deceptickns can start in one of two areas: the Village or the Military Base. Decelticons one scannable form - the normal Chopper.

Interesting landmarks include the airfield, the two turret towers, and the quasi Russian looking village buildings. Watch out for falling in the water, it takes a giant chunk of life away. Breakable rocks, and cacti transformegs your health and ammo refill needs. The area is marked off with two highway entrances near the NW and Eastern Strips; pass these and a chunk of your health is taken away.

Find the Peace Van near the Radio Tower building on the flat plateau. Interesting landmarks include the Dam and lower area, the turbines, the Sector 7 internal base, and the wedge of cheese "Radio Tower" building. You have four yellow markers to collect, the last one needing to jump to reach it.

Wreck the bus stop that's glowing on your radar. Press X to pick up any object. What are the positive consequences of racial and ethnic categories it with X again, or how to know what kind of ram to buy A to use it as a weapon.

Head to the next three markers, using the shoulder buttons to see them. The Autobots arrive. You are quite weak now, so transsformers a palm tree to turn them into spare parts. After you beat them, you level up and gain the use of your blaster.

A target appears behind you, blast it by using the shoulder buttons to get it in sight. An Autobot wearing the chopper guise appears. Don't bother scanning it.

Just shoot it. Head to the target and scan your first alternate form. Morph into your car form, and then head to Barricade's location by following the yellow target markers. Problem is, they are in hiding.

Flush them out by heading to the destinated location yellow markerand causing as much property damage as possible. Grab cars or wreck lampposts. Four standard Autobots appear. Use your handy palm tree or lamppost to scrap them. Your first boss then appears.

Bosses have a lifebar at the top of the screen beside your own. It covers the threat meter. This guy is cheap, as transformere has his heavy blaster with him. Just keep moving, and keep him in sight using the shoulder buttons. Reaqquire your weapon a lamppost, tree, bestand keep knocking him down.

Head over to the parking deceptivons, and waste one of the cars. Now the police show up, and you get to have some fun battling the humans. Melee the three cars, or just stay back and use your blaster on them.

Barricade informs you that he has tracked an Autobot to this city. Problem is, he's in hiding. Head to the first target marker in a human shopping mall and scan or blast all four cars ro recieve another target marker.

The next marker is directly North from you. Jump down from that raised parking lot, and cross the street. Again, scan or blast all the marked cars. This time, try not to raise the threat level. The next target marker reveals an Autobot!

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Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected. Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers you want to ask a question for this game, please use the ask a question box which is above on the right. how to beat jazz in transformers decepticon. first when your fighting him all you can do is die right?not is how you do your fighting him go to the left far and if you go way far you will see a square hole and go trough will be another hatch go through it there will be a river. Oct 04,  · Megatron and his Decepticons test Dark Energon and fight to power up Trypticon space station, the Autobots fight to stop them but fall before the Decepticons.

Transformers The Game for the Nintendo DS portable console was developed by Vicarious Visions for Activision , in conjunction with the live-action Transformers movie. It consists of two separate games: Transformers Autobots and Transformers Decepticons.

The games have different storylines and environments, but the basic gameplay elements are shared between them. In both games, the player creates a character who can scan many different transforming forms. Each game features missions involving this character as well as missions focused on the movie cast. The game features the AllSpark Wars online challenges, which allow the player to compete against other players for points to unlock more vehicle modes.

Also, in both games, Bumblebee remains the rusty '70s Camaro throughout the game, yet his character art during the talking scenes depicts him with the chest based on the Concept Camaro, which he never scans in game.

This game revolves around the Autobots and their attempts at preventing the destruction of Earth and the resurrection of Lord Megatron , the former military leader of Cybertron. After a quick run-down with Ironhide , he teams up with his fellow Autobots to retrieve the All Spark , searching the quiet and appropriately named city of Tranquility , but later heading to the Hoover Dam and even going as far as the Arctic to find the frozen remains of Megatron. All the while, Create-A-Bot must learn what it truly means to be an Autobot.

Similar in setting but unique in portrayal is the flip side of the story, Decepticons. Here, a nearly identical robot has come to Earth at the command of Starscream to find the source of a distress signal from a "lost" Decepticon somewhere in the area.

However, Starscream keeps many important pieces of information to himself, including the location of the All Spark and the identity of the Transformer locked in the icy grip of the Arctic.

While this Create-A-Bot has to learn that being a Decepticon means loyalty to Megatron, it also becomes apparent that though they fight for different reasons, the Autobots and Decepticons are aiming for the same goal, namely peace on Cybertron , and also that their senses of honor are not that far apart.

This game is also unique in that the Arctic level is replaced with Qatar, and that this Create-A-Bot is almost immediately put into a position of authority, mainly because Starscream wants everyone dead. Time to teach you that the bad guys always lose. We might be on opposite sides, but we're both playing the same game.

Act now, and you can drive out of here with no money down and no payments till next year! This deal is HUGE!!! We would finally have a home again. No more roaming through space, no more searching. I've always dreamed of seeing it one day. It's Megatron's. I could've prevented all of this from happening before it happened. I will do what I must. This is war! Showing off is the kind of stuff that gets 'bots killed!

But we have a more urgent matter. We need to retrieve the AllSpark at all costs! You mean we're just gonna leave Bumblebee?!? That's rather Perhaps it felt it was time to get the gang back together.

This is serious! Make your way to the AllSpark! Destroying Cybertron wasn't enough for you? You will never bring back your precious Cybertron! I see Cybertron. It's all around us Make this our new home And we need them We will never forget I will never forget.

We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, until the day comes when we are needed again, to fight the forces that feed on chaos. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to all surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: you are not alone.

We are here. We are waiting Once we revive Megatron, we won't need to worry about Starscream! Starscream is the type who would kill you in your sleep! Megatron would have the ball bearings to do it to your face. Now we can have some fun, finding out what this human knows. I love to play with new friends! Today we dine on the sparks of all Autobots. Today I will reduce Starscream to a pile of scrap metal! Today we recover the AllSpark and show the universe what it means to be a Decepticon!

Someone will always be there to challenge your leadership! But they will suffer the same fate as you. But-- I helped save you--" "Yes, but you are heavily damaged. The weak only serve to benefit the strong. Although still scoring fairly low, the two versions of the game got generally better reviews than their other counterparts. Autobots currently has a 67 on Metacritic , while Decepticons only has Reviewers were turned off by the poor graphics and number of glitches when compared to the console versions, but praised the open-world gameplay and ability to transform at any time.

Because, you know, this is a game about Transformers. Views Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigation , search. Due to the two games taking place in their own separate continuities, we've elected to segregate the quotes to the respective game they first appeared in, to clear up any confusion.

However, the following two quotes appear in both games, the former in particular is important to the story of both, despite their disparities. Category : Movie video games. Nintendo DS Online. Contents 1 Gameplay overview 2 Autobots 2.

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