How to apply fairy makeup

how to apply fairy makeup

6 Fairy Makeup Tutorials to Inspire Your Halloween Costume

Jul 10,  · Just because you want to try fairy makeup for Halloween doesn't mean you need to stick to bright, cheery colors—and this darker option is proof. Sparkly gray face paint, jet-black lipstick, and Occupation: Beauty Editor. This is a great tutorial about how to apply fairy style makeup. The green color used is called Sea Dragon and the white is NYX white pencil Milk. First apply the white pencil on the side next to your eye making swirls and designs with it and also lining the bottom and top lash lines. Now using Frost Pigment by MAC apply it all over the swirls you just Wonderhowto.

Halloween is almost here, and I fxiry you have a costume in mind. I've rounded up the best fairy makeup tutorials for Halloween. Strobing, here you come. Being a fairy for Halloween is so simple. All you need is a pair of how to add more emails to windows 8 and some attitude remember Tinkerbell?

That girl was feisty. Also, have you ever met someone who didn't like fairies? The makeu; is no. Below is a roundup of some of my favorite, most creative fairy makeup tutorials on YouTube. Everyone from woodland fairies to snow queens qpply represented, so you can go as the unexpected fairy or mix a few of your favorite tips into one totally unique look. This one is super colorful, creative, and easy to achieve. Swap out the poppy eyeshadow for blue or green — whatever looks best on your eye color.

You could also match the shadows to your costume for a flattering, monochrome look. If you're into all the sparkle and glitter, this one is for you. If you are out of brow gel to keep those pastel pink brows in place, spray hairspray onto a Q-tip and brush it over your brows.

This look is the most artistic and challenging, but this step-by-step guide makes it doable. If you aren't into the dramatic brows, you could skip this step and stick to the deer-like eyes. Expecting snow on Halloween?

This tutorial is icy but beautiful. You can swap the white for blue for a more Elsa-like appearance. Michelle Phan is a genius, and this tutorial is transformative. Be sure to have all your gold shadows handy. Maleficient is still, technically, a fairy. Ot how to apply fairy makeup and evil one, at that. She's perfect for Halloween, and this tutorial teaches you how to carve those Angelina Jolie cheekbones.

Can't decide between going out as a Barbie, a princess, or a fairy? This tutorial blends all three for a super girlie-girl look. Faiiry Jessica Willingham.

Aply Fairy Makeup.

Best Fairy Makeup Ideas for Women

Thinking of dressing up as a fairy this Halloween? Whether you want to be Tinkerbell, a dark fairy or an ethereal forest sprite, these 17 makeup tutorials will show you how to achieve a magical look. Hot pink blush and shimmery teal and purple eye shadow add pretty pops of color to this easy-to-create fairy look from beauty blogger Ashley Brooke Nicholas.

Tinkerbell may be the most famous fairy of all! Learn how to transform yourself into the beloved Disney sprite with this step-by-step tutorial from beauty blogger Promise Phan. Makeup artist Sarah Coy of Coy Makeup played with rich autumnal hues to create this ethereal woodland fairy look. Beauty blogger Charisma Star adorns her face in glitter, self-adhesive pearls and plenty of shimmer in this fairy princess tutorial.

Blending is key when applying this soft, colorful makeup from beauty blogger Rebecca Shores. Take an an unexpected approach to the fairy theme with this otherworldly snow fairy look from beauty blogger Klaire De Lys.

The pale, shimmery makeup is accentuated with a crown of winter berries. Nearly every fairy look starts with a great glittery eye. Beauty blog The Makeup Box offers a step-by-step tutorial for applying sparkly eye makeup, perfect for a snow fairy or any other shimmery fairy look.

Star sequins add the finishing touch to this pink fairy makeup tutorial from the beauty and lifestyle blog Erin Nicole TV. Blend and layer shades of purple, pink and electric blue to create this dramatic, intricate fairy look from beauty guru Charisma Star. This kid-friendly fairy princess look from artist and beauty blogger Consie combines shimmer-y bronze eye shadow with a pretty face paint design. You can find the tutorial at Consie's blog, Atop Serenity Hill.

Put a goth twist on your fairy costume this Halloween with this dark fairy makeup tutorial from blogger beautybyjosiek. Pink hair and a flower crown accentuate this dainty forest fairy look from beauty blogger Wengie. Long lashes and fake snow add a touch of drama to this ice fairy makeup tutorial from blogger Adia Braun. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. Follow today.

Pink and purple fairy. What's the all-time best Halloween candy? The winner is

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